Are there Bothan Jedi?

Are there Bothan Jedi?

A Bothan. Bothans were a short race of furry humanoids who on average stood between 1.5 meters to 1.6 meters in height. The Bothans were able to interbreed with the other species, as exemplified by the Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla.

Can Bothans turn invisible?

Bothans have Stealth, which lets them turn invisible, as well as regeneration, which heals nearby allies.

What planet do Trandoshans come from?

Habitat. Trandoshans, also called T’doshok, were large, bipedal reptilian sentient humanoids from the planet Trandosha, and were renowned as great hunters.

What race is Admiral Ackbar?

Mon CalamariAdmiral Ackbar / Species

In the comic, Ackbar was portrayed as the leader of the Mon Calamari, an alien species of fish-like, amphibious humanoids with salmon-colored skin, webbed hands, high-domed heads, and large fish-like eyes, and who can breathe both on land and underwater.

Who stole the plans for the second Death Star?

The plans contain the Death Star’s entire design history, including the flaw introduced into its reactor system. Stolen by Jyn Erso, they are beamed to the Profundity, copied and hidden in the memory systems of a humble astromech droid.

What is a clan in sociology?

Based on African Great Lakes region definition, a clan is a social organization unit that has the oldest structure, grouping people who shared a common origin and surname.

Who are the clans in BattleTech?

In the fictional BattleTech universe, the Clans a warrior-based civilization founded by the self-exiled remnants of the Star League Defense Force, who were led by their founder General Aleksandr Kerensky into the Deep Periphery to fleet the collapse of the Star League.

What is the difference between a clan and a tribe?

In different cultures and situations, a clan may mean the same thing as other kin-based groups, such as tribes, castes, and bands. Often, the distinguishing factor is that a clan is a smaller part of a larger society such as a tribe, a chiefdom, or a state.

What is the kinship of a clan?

The kinship-based bonds may be symbolical, whereby the clan shares a “stipulated” common ancestor that is a symbol of the clan’s unity. When this ancestor is not human, it is referred to as an animalian totem. Clans can be most easily described as tribes or sub-groups of tribes.