Can I print PDF files from Primavera P6?

Can I print PDF files from Primavera P6?

With Adobe Acrobat DC, not only can you print PDF files from Primavera P6, but you can edit them, merge them, annotate and comment on them and much more. Some of these features are invaluable, like merging 2 PDF files together which I find I use more than I ever imaged I would. The DC part of the name stands for “Document Cloud”.

What is the best reporting format for Primavera P6?

Print to PDF in Primavera P6. PDF is by-far the most widely used reporting format in project management these days. PDF files work best as they are usually small in size, non-editable (without special tools), and they are viewable on any device.

How do I get doPDF to work with Primavera P6?

One final suggestion is to click the Properties button where you can see additional PDF output options for your PDF printer. DoPDF’s options look like this. You can see that you might have to verify the Page Size and orientation match what you have set in Primavera P6.

What is the best free PDF printer out there?

When I’m looking for recommendations on common software tools, I goto who are constantly curating lists of the best of the best in free software tools for business and life. So, in this case, I have deferred to LifeHacker’s recommendation on doPDF as the best free PDF printer out there.