Can I use my credit card to pay my phone bill?

Can I use my credit card to pay my phone bill?

Generally, you can use a credit card to pay for bills like: Utility bills, including water, gas and electric. Cellular or landline phone service. Cable and internet.

Can you pay Vodafone bill late?

If you pay two months late a 2 will be on your credit file. Three months late will show a 3, and so on. A default may be added if your bill remains outstanding.

How do I pay my Vodafone bill if I deactivated my number?

Process/Methods of Vodafone Inactive Number Bill Payment Through Online:

  1. Debit Card Payment.
  2. Credit card Payment.
  3. Net-Banking transfer.

How can I pay my old Vi postpaid bill?

Phone Bill Payment – Vi….Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your postpaid mobile number.
  2. Enter your bill amount.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method- you can select from options like debit card, credit card, net banking, wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik) and UPI.
  4. Make a payment, and you’re done!

What bills can I pay with credit card?

5 Monthly Expenses to Put on Your Credit Card

  • Utilities. Using a credit card to pay monthly bills for household essentials such as electricity, gas, water, sewer service and trash collection makes sense.
  • Cell Phone, Internet, Cable.
  • Streaming Services.
  • Student Loans.
  • Car and Home Insurance.

How do I pay my Vodafone balance overdue?


  1. Log in to your My Vodafone account.
  2. Choose Billing from the navigation menu.
  3. Then Make a payment.
  4. Choose whether you want to pay in full, or pay another amount.

How do I pay my Vodafone bill over the phone?

– Click on the Vodafone Bill Quick Pay – Register yourself on Recharge1 portal. Verify mobile number. – Login into your account on Recharge1. – Fill your account Id – Make Payment – Bill Payed

How to pay your Vodafone bill payment online?

If the payment details you’ve given us are incorrect.

  • If the credit card you’ve given us has expired.
  • If the bank account you’ve given us has closed.
  • If the transaction is fraudulent.
  • How to check Vodafone bill amount?

    – Total calling minutes – minutes provided according to your plan = Amount you will pay for calling. – Same goes for texts and internet usage. – Visit your nearest Vodafone Store and ask them to generate total amount to be paid on your particular connection. – They will count your due amount. – Pay it. – After that don’t use Vodafone

    How much is the Vodafone postpaid Bill?

    – Fixed Rental – Which will be calculated as per your postpaid plan. – Call charges – At the end of the month, when your usage charges are calculated, all the calls of any nature are calculated and this makes your call charges. – Discounts or free call and data value – Usually postpaid plans come with some discount in call charges and data usage.