Did Harry and Ginny live in Grimmauld Place?

Did Harry and Ginny live in Grimmauld Place?

Although there is no answer to this question in canon, the most logical place for them to live is Grimmauld Place. The house belongs to Harry, and since ”the taming” of Kreacher, Harry felt much more comfortable with the place, regarding it as feeling like ”a kind of home” (Deathly Hallows Chapter 14).

Is 12 Grimmauld Place real?

12 Grimmauld Place aka Siruis Black’s house and the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix was inspired by Lincoln’s Inn Fields – but Claremont Square in London was actually used as the exterior.

Did yaxley get into Grimmauld Place?

They might view it as a run down old shack, or a very similar house, but they will not be able to distinguish the house. Therefore Yaxley did not see Grimmauld place.

Does Harry Potter own Grimmauld Place?

After Sirius Black was murdered by Bellatrix Lestrange in 1996 during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, the house was inherited by his godson, Harry Potter. He continued to allow the Order of the Phoenix to use it as a safe house.

What happens to Kreacher after the 7th book?

After Mrs Black’s death, Kreacher let the home fall into disarray, doing little, if any, cleaning. Kreacher survived the final battle of the Second Wizarding War; it is unknown what happened to him later in life, though he died at some point after Albus Potter went to Hogwarts.

Where is grimmauld 13?

borough of Islington
In the books, J.K. Rowling says Grimmauld Place is in the borough of Islington, which incorporates places like Camden, Angel, King’s Cross and Finsbury Park.

How did Death Eaters find Grimmauld Place?

Loads of death-eaters kept arriving at the gates of No. 13, Grimmauld Place during the trio’s stay there. and if you remember, Hermoine lets Yaxley into Grimmauld Place, as they were the secret keepers of the house, once Dumbledore died. She allowed Yaxley and the charm was broken.

Who inherited 12 Grimmauld Place?

Sirius Black’s
12 Grimmauld Place holds a special place in Harry Potter lore. The ancestral home of Sirius Black’s family, the property is headquarters to the Order of the Phoenix and was inherited by Harry after Sirius’ death.

Did Kreacher become good?

Eventually, after being given back the locket that Regulus had switched for Voldemort’s real Horcrux, Kreacher grew less hostile and was happier than he had been in many years, resuming most of his expected duties. He also led the house elves into the fray during the battle of Hogwarts.

Does Kreacher like Harry in the end?

Kreacher indeed had no affection for Harry. Initially at least. Kreacher was part of the heirloom that came to Sirius, him being the last Black in the male line. He reluctantly did his duty, but his true loyalties lay towards Sirius’ distant family, Bellatrix.