Did Russell Crowe actually play the violin in Master and Commander?

Did Russell Crowe actually play the violin in Master and Commander?

Trivia (90) Russell Crowe learned to play violin for the film and referred to it as the hardest thing he’d ever done for a film. This film was intended to be the first entry in a franchise.

What is the pudding in Master and Commander?

Floating Island was a well-known English pudding dish in the 18th century; it was made by creating an “island” out of layers of light cake (or bread), jam and jelly [that’s “jelly” in the British sense, i.e. Jello] and surrounding it with a “sea” of cream (which might have been beaten up with lemon juice, sherry and …

Is Master and Commander Based on a true story?

Though not a bad moviemaking choice in any way, it should be noted for historical accuracy that the characters shown are fictional. The movie takes place in a real war, with a British ship that actually existed at some point, but the majority of the plot and characters are adapted from the fiction of O’Brian.

What happens to the French captain in Master and Commander?

Upon capturing the ship, Aubrey is informed by the ship’s doctor that the French captain is dead and is given the Captain’s sword. Acheron and Surprise are repaired and Surprise remains in the Galápagos. Pullings is promoted to captain and ordered to sail the captured Acheron to Valparaíso.

Was Master and Commander a flop?

Despite being considered a box office disappointment, “Master and Commander” picked up 10 Oscar nominations (including Best Picture and Best Director) and won the Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing and Best Cinematography.

Who drowned in Master and Commander?

PATRICK O’Brian’s 20-novel saga of Nelson’s navy in Napoleonic times, commonly called the Aubrey-Maturin novels (after Captain Jack Aubrey and ship’s surgeon Dr Stephen Maturin) are modern classics.

Did Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany play together?

Paul Bettany also co-starred with Russell Crowe in the film A Beautiful Mind (2001). As in “Master and Commander”, the two are friends and confidants.