Did Xenophage get nerfed?

Did Xenophage get nerfed?

Bungie broke LMGs by nerfing their boss damage by 20%z 2. Xenophage is an LMG but was not affected by that nerf.

Is Shatterdive nerfed?

β€œIt’s been nerfed and the nerf will debut in the 30th anniversary patch alongside a slew of other abilities focused on shifting the meta more towards gunplay,” Kevin Yanes said.

Did recluse get nerfed?

In this week’s TWAB, Bungie announced that yet again they were going to attempt to nerf Recluse, the pinnacle SMG, and One-Eyed Mask, the Titan helmet for Destiny 2’s next season which should start about a month from now. …

Why did they nerf Xenophage?

While Bungie wants to keep the gun powerful, the studio has tweaked it so that it can’t be as good for both boss damage and clearing minor enemies. Bungie’s also rolling out changes to tone down Xenophage, the extremely popular Exotic machine gun.

Is Xenophage good for DPS?

Xenophage makes this list as a kind of runner up in a way. This Exotic Machine Gun might not have the highest DPS with it only achieving 30k, but what it lacks in damage it makes up for in consistency.

Did hunters get nerfed?

Destiny 2 Devs Announce Nerfs to Titans and Hunters With The Witch Queen. Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion is about ten days away from being fully released, and alongside it, Bungie will also release a new Season and plenty of sandbox changes.

Has one eyed mask been nerfed?

Not too long ago, Bungie did nerf One-Eyed Mask but not in the way that most Destiny 2 players hoped they would. In Season 10, Bungie is replacing the tracking with target highlighting, so as long as the player can see the enemy, they will be extra visible in some fashion.

Did fighting lion get nerfed?

The fighting lion has been nerfed in PVP. In the fighting lion discord, we have found that due to the recent changes in the PVP sandbox, The lion’s explosive damage has been nerfed, almost halved in some situations. The changes we have seen are reduced explosive damage and reduced blast radius.

Can Xenophage hit crits?

It doesn’t crit because it does explosive damage.