Do I now believe or am I even willing to believe?

Do I now believe or am I even willing to believe?

“Do I now believe, or am I even willing to believe, that there is a Power greater than myself?” As soon as a man can say that he does believe, or is willing to believe, we emphatically assure him that he is on his way.

What page in the Big Book is Step 4?

Step 4 Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. This Step is described on pages 63:4 – 71 and directions for taking this Step are given throughout. The results of taking Step 4 are given on page 70:3. Step 5 Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

What is Chapter 4 in AA big book all about?

Its main object is to enable you to find a Power greater than yourself which will solve your problem. That means we have written a book which we believe to be spiritual as well as moral. And it means, of course, that we are going to talk about God. Here difficulty arises with agnostics.

What page is how it works in the Big Book?

Chapter 5
Big Book ASL – Chapter 5 – How It Works Chapter 5 – How It Works, from the Fourth edition of the Big Book, “Alcoholics Anonymous,” the basic text of A.A. in American Sign Language (ASL). Presents the Twelve Steps — A.A.’s program of recovery — and provides direction on taking Steps One through Four.

Do I need to believe in any power other than my own?

The truth is all you have to do is believe in a Power greater than yourself. It doesn’t have to be the One and Only God. It can be whatever or whomever you believe to be greater than yourself. Believing in a Power greater than yourself can help with your recovery process in many ways.

What page are the 12 steps on in the Big Book?

These 12 steps are outlined in Chapter 5, “How It Works,” of the Big Book. The steps helped each of the co-founders of AA in their own recovery from alcoholism and have continued to help countless others battle their addictions.

What page is step 3 in the Big Book?

page 63
From page 63 of Alcoholics Anonymous – the Big Book: We were now at Step Three. Many of us said to our Maker, as we understood Him: “God, I offer myself to Thee – to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt.

What page is a vision for you in the Big Book?

Chapter 11
Pg 151 Big Book – Chapter 11 “A Vision For You” For most normal folks, drinking (using) means conviviality, companionship and colorful imagination. It means release from care, boredom and worry. It is joyous intimacy with friends and a feeling that life is good.

What page is the preamble on in the Big Book?

At the same time, the phrase “AA has no dues or fees” was clarified to read as it presently does: “There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions.” The current version of the Preamble appears on page one of every issue of the Grapevine.