Does seeds affect download speed?

Does seeds affect download speed?

If you download from a torrent with many seeds you’ll probably download faster than from a torrent with few seeds. If you’re seeding many torrents while downloading a torrent the seeding while take up some bandwidth and thus you’ll probably download slower than if you weren’t seeding many torrents.

Does more seeds mean faster download?

Instead, the files are copied from other users who have portions of the file or the entirety. In general, the number of seeds and peers are directly correlated to how fast you can download a file. The more seeds mean that you can download files much faster since you have more sources to concurrently download from.

Why am I downloading things so slowly?

Viruses on your device can cause a multitude of issues. These viruses can run in the background, using your internet and increasing your bandwidth usage, which results in slow download speed. To prevent this, consider installing antivirus software to protect yourself from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

How can I make my low seeders download faster?

As far as I know, there are two methods that can be done to improve the torrent speed.

  1. Upgrade your internet bandwidth speed. May be the seeders have a good upload speed but your download speed acts as a hinderance.
  2. As stated by Sagar Hasanadka, try updating your old and outdated tracker list with the new ones.

How many seeders is a good amount?

Generally speaking, a file with 20+ seeders will guarantee that your download will proceed to completion. Files with seeders less than that may or may not complete or will take a ridiculously long time to download.

Should seeds peers be high or low?

There really isn’t any “optimal” ratio of seeds/peers. You could max out your download bandwidth from one single seed, regardless of how many peers or leechers there are. In general, the more seeds, the better, as this gives you more places to connect to to download the file.

Do leechers slow down download?

If the number of seeders is more, you are likely to download the file faster. If the number of leechers is more, the download is likely to be slow.

Do you want more seeders or leechers?

Seeders are people who have already downloaded the file and are uploading them. The more seeders the faster the download will go. Leechers are people who are sharing what they have and are downloading what you have. When searching torents, always get high seeded torents.

What is the seed ratio?

As a rule of thumb, you should always try to Seed a torrent before for at least 1 full copy. You can see this in the Ratio column. 1.000 or higher means you have seeded at least 1 full copy of the file.

Is it better to have more seeders or leechers?

Why is my download speed so slow on torrents?

Could be faked/spoofed seeds and peers. Public trackers do this to increase their search rankings. This sounds likely. I thought for a moment that maybe my ISP caught on to my shit and throttled the download speed for torrents, but it seems to be that specific torrent (Breaking Bad) that’s slow.

Is torrents with a lot of seeds bad?

the speed is normally ok. i have problems just with “fresh” torrents and torrents with a lot of seeds. if the torrent has more than 200 available seeds it’ll usually be a long time till it connects to the faster wants. More sharing options…

Why do my downloads take so long to download?

However since your actual downloads are slow, especially since they seem to almost be capped at 1.5mb i suspect you might have a firewall somewhere in between you and your internet. What all do you have connected between your computer and the actual wire that comes out of the wall for internet.

Is uTorrent slow on Windows 7?

Torrents with MANY SEEDS are very slow! I’m using uTorrent on Windows 7 through a Router. Ports are open, forwarded, allowed through firewall. Status is all green, internet speed is ok for most torrents. My ISP is fast, T1 (not DSL). I have torrents with 10/200 seeds that are very slow (20kb/sec).