How did the Packers make the playoffs in 2010?

How did the Packers make the playoffs in 2010?

2010 Green Bay Packers season
Record 10–6
Division place 2nd NFC North
Playoff finish Won Wild Card Playoffs (at Eagles) 21–16 Won Divisional Playoffs (at Falcons) 48–21 Won NFC Championship (at Bears) 21–14 Won Super Bowl XLV (vs. Steelers) 31–25

Who did the Packers play in the 2010 NFC Championship?

NFC Championship: Packers beat Bears 21-14.

Who did the Packers lose to in the 2011 playoffs?

New York Giants
However, the Packers instead became the first team to finish with at least 15 victories and not win a playoff game, as they were beaten in a shocking and devastating upset by the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants 37–20 at Lambeau Field during the Divisional round of the playoffs.

Who did the Packers beat in Super Bowl 2?

Oakland Raiders
Take a look back and celebrate the anniversary of Super Bowl II, when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 33-14.

How many times has Aaron Rodgers not made the playoffs?

In 14 seasons as the starter, Rodgers led the team to the postseason 11 times. The exceptions: 2008 (first season as a starter), 2017 (broken collarbone) and 2018 (Mike McCarthy’s final season). Rodgers has fallen short in the playoffs nine times since winning MVP honors in Super Bowl XLV.

When do the Packers play?

While it may take some help, and a great run to close out the 2021 regular season, the Dallas Cowboys have a shot at landing the number one seed in the NFC. First things first, the Cowboys must handle their own business. One more loss, and the Cowboys can kiss away any chance of gaining the number one seed.

What time do the Packers play Sunday?

The Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers tonight on Sunday Night Football. Live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. ET with Football Night in America on NBC and Peacock. Aaron Rodgers and the

When did the Packers play in Milwaukee?

In 1933, 12 years after the Packers joined the National Football League, they played their first home game in Milwaukee at Borchert Field, which was also the only home game played at that location (a mid-season loss to the New York Giants).

What is the Green Bay Packers schedule?

Green Bay Packers Scores & Schedule | FOX Sports. GREEN BAY PACKERS. 7-2 · 1ST IN NFC NORTH. Next Game vs Seahawks · Sun 4:25PM. GB -3.5 TOTAL 50.5.