How do I change my VG name in Linux?

How do I change my VG name in Linux?

Small post to explain how to rename a LVM volume group on Debian.

  1. Reboot your machine and choose recovery mode (not mandatory but it’s better)
  2. Run the command.
  3. Edit /etc/fstab and change all the entries with the new name.
  4. Edit /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume and replace the old name with the new one.

How do I rename VG and LVM in Linux?

Steps To Change The LVM Volume Group Name

  1. Step 1: Change Volume Group Name.
  2. Step 2: Update The File System Configuration File: “/etc/fstab”
  3. Step 3: Update The Grub2 Configuration File: “/boot/grub2/grub. cfg”
  4. Step 4: Rebuild The Kernel initramfs File.
  5. Step 5: Reboot The System.

How do I rename a PV file?

How to rename persistence volume claim?

  1. create a new, bigger volume PVC,
  2. create a temp container with attached “victim” pvc and a new bigger pvc,
  3. copy the data,
  4. drop “victim” PVC,
  5. rename new bigger pvc to take place of “victim”.

Can we rename LV in Linux?

To rename an existing logical volume, use the lvrename command. Either of the following commands renames logical volume lvold in volume group vg02 to lvnew .

How remove duplicate VG Linux?

The renaming can be done using the UUID:

  1. Determine the UUID for the volume group that you want to rename:
  2. Once you have the UUID you can then rename the Volume Group using vgrename:
  3. Activate the new Volume Group.
  4. Verify the Volume Group.

How do you rename a LV in Linux?

LV renaming procedure follows below flow :

  1. Stop all user/app access to related mount point (on which lvol is mounted) using fuser.
  2. Un-mount LV using umount.
  3. Rename device names of lvol using mv.
  4. Mount LV using mount.
  5. Edit /etc/fstab entry related to this lvol using vi.

How do you use Lvremove?

How to remove a LVM volume with lvremove

  1. Unmount the filesystem with umount: # umount /mnt.
  2. Open /etc/fstab and verify that there isn’t an entry to automatically mount the filesystem.
  3. Use lvremove to delete the logical volume:
  4. Review the output of lvs to verify the removal.

Can I rename a PVC?

After deleting a StatefulSet, it is possible to rename a dynamically created PVC.

How do you rename a LV?

How to rename volume Group VG in Linux?

Volume group can be renamed with easy vgrename command Linux. But first we will see how it can be done without vgrename command so that step by step you will understand what actually happens in background while VG name changes. We have seen how to create VG in past and how to export/import VG. We are going to use these commands to rename VG.

How do I rename a VG?

Rename a VG by specifying the VG UUID. Common options for command: Common options for lvm: Specifies if metadata should be backed up automatically after a change. Enabling this is strongly advised! See vgcfgbackup (8) for more information. The command profile to use for command configuration.

What is rename command in Linux?

rename command in Linux with Examples Difficulty Level :Basic Last Updated :24 May, 2019 renamecommand in Linux is used to rename the named files according to the regular expression perlexpr. It can change the name of the multiple files.

How do I display the vgrename manual in Linux?

Command to display vgrename manual in Linux: $ man 8 vgrename vgrename renames a VG. All VGs visible to a system need to have different names, otherwise many LVM commands will refuse to run or give warning messages. VGs with the same name can occur when disks are moved between machines, or filters are changed.