How do I dress like Itachi?

How do I dress like Itachi?

Get in costume by wearing an Anime Cosplay Wig, Men’s T-Shirt, Twill Joggers, Akatsuki Cloak, and Akatsuki Shoes. Get the necessary items by adding an Itachi Accessories Set, Plastic Kunai Darts, and Black Nail Polish.

What is the cloak called that Itachi wears?

Akatsuki Cloak
Anime Costume Akatsuki Cloak Uchiha Itachi Halloween Cosplay.

How can I be cool like Itachi?

Itachi is cold, stern, and quiet. He does not talk much, nor does he show much emotion. Try to keep a straight face and your voice calm and level. If you do talk, keep your language smart and polished; this is a nod to the intelligent side of Itachi.

Why does Itachi wear his cloak like that?

He just chose to wear his sleeve like that as a fashion statement to look cool. That style really isn’t uncommon when it comes to Japanese Manga, Anime, and Video Games. For Example, Auron wore his sleeve like that in “FINAL FANTASY X” which was released all the way back in 2001.

Is Itachi cold hearted?

Itachi Uchiha had to be cold-hearted. It was the only way he was able to complete the missions given to him by the underground powers running through the Hidden Leaf Village. Through all the horrific things Itachi had to do, his icy heart was melted by his love for Sasuke.

Why does Itachi have his arm in his shirt?

Though his time was constantly running out, he kept himself alive through immense willpower, lasting at least long enough to die by Sasuke’s hand in order to strengthen him for the road ahead. Fans have theorized that his arm hung out to relieve him of the pain caused by his disease.

How tall is Itachi?

about 175 centimeters tall
Itachi is about 175 centimeters tall (5’9″) in the first part and grows to about 178 centimeters (5’10”) in the second part. He weighs roughly 57 kilograms (126 pounds) in part one and roughly 58 kilograms (128 pounds) in part two.

Why are Itachi’s nails black?

Its nothing to do with Akatsuki’s idea of nailpainting(LOL). Maybe Kishimoto sensei wanted to creat a dark and powerful picture of Akatsuki on our minds so he decided to paint their nails with darker shades that could match the personalities of the members.

Why does Itachi wear that necklace?

The reason why is because he had no where else to go. Itachi in the end chose to kill his entire but in order to do so he needed help because he knew he couldn’t do it by himself.

Was Obito scared of Itachi?

Obito was not afraid of Itachi. He was only cautious of him. He himself said that “If Itachi knew about him…” but Itachi didn’t even know that he wasn’t Madara. Obito kept his cards very close to his chest while Itachi involved Obito in Konoha’s top confidential matters like Uchiha massacre.

Is Itachi good or evil?

No, itachi is a very good person who was forced to do bad things He had to make himself into a villain for the greater good, and then played the role of a villain to his village and even his own brother who he loved dearly.

Was Itachi really a hero?

Itachi was a hero, who lived and died for the love of his village, and his little brother. thats why he died with a smile on his face, but too bad the world doesn’t remember him as one. Don’t I just despise people who keep fanboying over him and keep calling him a hero. Itachi is a heartless psychopath.

Is Itachi really evil?

Itachi has that “I’m too powerful to care” kinda attitude, which is awsome. We don’t really know why he does the things he does, so you can’t exactly classify him as “evil”. His true goals/intentions were never really stated, and neither is Akastuki’s goal (other than collecting the bijuu). Either way, Itachi is awsome

Does Itachi like Naruto?

Itachi clashing with Naruto. As an Uchiha, Itachi’s chakra was naturally strong, it is unknown how his actual reserves were affected by his terminal illness. Just three uses of his Mangekyō Sharingan in a single day made him unable to use his Sharingan and he would require significant rest afterwards to regain his strength. This also prevented him from participating in prolonged battles.