How do I save comments on Turnitin?

How do I save comments on Turnitin?

From the in-context marking tool (pictured), choose the T icon, then begin typing your comment. Click anywhere on the paper and the comment will automatically save.

How do I download a PDF from Turnitin?

5) In the assignment details pop-up, click on the similarity percentage icon to open the similarity report. 6) At the right of the report, select the download icon. 7) Then select the Current View option. 8) A PDF will be generated and downloaded/saved to your computer.

How do I print my Turnitin report?

Printing your Similarity Report

  1. Log in to your LMS as the way you normally do.
  2. Launch the Turnitin LTI assignment and then open the Similarity Report you’d like to print.
  3. From the sources sidebar, choose a source view.
  4. Select the print icon from the bottom left-hand corner of the document viewer.
  5. Review the information and select Print.

How do you use feedback studio?

How do you use Feedback Studio?

  1. Administrator. Manage Turnitin features, enroll instructors, and oversee your Turnitin account.
  2. Instructor. Create classes and assignments to manage and assess your students’ submissions.
  3. Student. Submit your papers, then view your similarity score and/or feedback in Turnitin.

How does turnitin feedback studio work?

The Feedback Studio replaces the Grademark and Originality features used when marking work and combines them into a single set of features accessed from a simple menu when viewing a student’s paper. It retains all of the tools that were previously available to you to provide feedback or check originality.

How do I view my feedback on Turnitin?

Click the Assignment Title to open your marked paper in the Turnitin Document Viewer/Feedback Studio (it opens in a new window) In the Feedback Studio, click the Instructor Feedback button from the right menu (it’ll turn blue when it’s selected) You can now view comments/feedback on your marked assessment.

Can I check my paper on Turnitin?

The Turnitin Self-Checker allows current Purchase College students to check rough drafts of papers for plagiarism and proper citation. (No guest access. Purchase College students can use the originality report generated by Turnitin to identify paraphrases or citations that need revision before your final draft is due.

How do I get free turnitin access?

Sign up for a 60-day free trial (yep, 100% free) by clicking the Start Free Trial button and filling out the request form on