How do I start a group home in NC?

How do I start a group home in NC?

No group home can do business in North Carolina without a license from the Division of Health Services. To get a license, a facility must first submit a certificate of need that proposes the number of beds it will provide to a county. If that county needs more beds, this will get approval from the Division.

What is a group home in NC?

It is important to remember that the Division of Social Services licenses group homes for children who are in need of foster care services. These are primarily children who are removed from their own homes due to abuse, neglect and/or dependency.

How much do you get for fostering a child in NC?

There is no federal minimum rate for foster parents to be paid. Here’s a look at the rates set by the Legislature in North Carolina, according to the Department of Health and Human Services: $475.00 per child, per month for children from birth through five years of age.

How long does it take to open a group home in NC?

Licensure is through the North Carolina Division of Social Services and typically takes nine to twelve months.

How many group homes are in North Carolina?

97 group homes
Today, 97 group homes are licensed in North Carolina. Most appear, according to state data, to be run by churches or religious organizations. The percentage of kids living in group homes in the state hasn’t changed much over the past decade.

Do you get paid to be a foster parent in NC?

Yes. Licensed foster parents receive a monthly stipend based on the child’s age.

What is the focus of foster care and adoption in NC?

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, our focus is to serve the needs of North Carolina children and families involved in the foster care and adoption system. As a foster care and adoption agency, we are child-focused, believing our job is to find the best possible family for the children in our care.

What do you need to know about foster care?

The foster home must have a working telephone. The foster home must provide each child with their own personal bed. Applicants and household members must meet minimum physical and mental health requirements as indicated by a physical examination completed by a licensed medical provider.

How do I become a foster parent in North Carolina?

Records from local courts and the NC Department of Corrections must be checked for all adult household members. With the assistance of their supervising agency, all foster parent applicants must complete a licensing application and a mutual home assessment (home study). Where Do I Begin?

What is the foster care payment?

The foster care payment is strictly a reimbursement for expenses related to providing room, board, and supervision to children in foster care. Foster parents must be willing to participate in Shared Parenting, which means working with the families of children placed in your home if a supervising agency determines this is appropriate.