How do I test ISI?

How do I test ISI?


  1. One-Half Flip Jumps (Side by Side)
  2. Swing Rolls – (1 Backward / 1 Forward)
  3. Lunge or Shoot the Duck- Holding Shoulders.
  4. Forward Pivots (Side by Side)
  5. Two-Foot Spins (Side by Side)
  6. 3 Bunny Hops (Side by Side)

What is ISI championship?

ISI Recreational Ice Skating Competitions are team competitions developed to encourage skaters of all ages, levels and abilities. During the competition, skaters are placed in event groups according to similar ages and ability levels with a maximum of nine entries per event group.

What are the skating levels?

Eligible singles skaters in the United States are divided by the USFSA into the following levels: pre-preliminary, preliminary, prejuvenile, juvenile, intermediate, novice, junior, and senior.

How long does it take to learn a double axel?

Most skaters never learn double axel. The average time to start working on it might be about 5 years after first starting lessons. Some natural jumpers who train seriously might be ready to start it after 2 or 3 years of lessons, especially if they started in the pre-teen years.

What are ISI Adult Championships?

The ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition provides adult skaters the chance to compete with skaters from around the world while representing the United States. An adult international competition takes place very year in Oberstdorf, Germany.

Where is ISI Worlds 2022?

San Jose
18-20 at Solar4America in San Jose, Calif. Skaters can continue to use these programs through the final national event of 2022.

What is freestyle figure skating?

In figure skating: Freestyle. Freestyle combines intricate footwork, spirals (sustained one-foot glides on a single edge), spins, and jumps. Footwork includes step maneuvers that are performed the length of the ice or in a circle and done in sequences demonstrating agility, dexterity, and speed.

How long does it take to master a triple axel?

In my experience, the average length of time to get an axel for a skater under 14 with reasonably good jumping ability is between 6 months and two years, but as other posters have said, the amount of ice time and the level of coaching is also a factor. It’s also not unusual to get a double sal or toe before the axel.

How long does it take to get a triple axel?

Because a skater takes off for an axel skating forward and lands it skating backward, though, there’s really an extra half-rotation in the jump. A skater must complete 3.5 rotations before landing to successfully complete a triple axel.