How do I upload a RTF template to BI Publisher?

How do I upload a RTF template to BI Publisher?

To upload your template file to the BI Publisher server and add it to your report definition, select Upload Template As from the Oracle BI Publisher menu. If you have not saved your template, you will be prompted to save it in Rich Text Format. Enter a name and select a locale in the Upload as New dialog.

How do you show BI Publisher in Word?

  1. In Microsoft Word, select File then Options.
  2. Select Add-Ins and verify BI Publisher is listed as an active item.

What is Xdoxslt in XML Publisher?

xdoxslt:date_diff(‘y’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’, $_XDOLOCALE, $_XDOTIMEZONE)?> This function provides a method to get the difference between two dates in the given locale. The dates need to be in “yyyy-MM-dd” format. This function supports only the Gregorian calendar.

How do you set a variable in an RTF template?

How To Set and Get the Variable value in RTF Template

  1. Add the form field in RTF and add below code in the form field.
  2. Make sure Variable outside the loop.
  3. Add the code in the form field.

How do I change the date format in an RTF template?

No need to change any formats in query and template…:-) Use this format and Instead of “Creation_dt”, Give the fieldname for which you want to change format. Put it in “Add help text” (In Rtf Template->Text form field options->Add help text). no need to select or change anything in query and format.

How do I add BI Publisher code to an RTF template?

When you create an RTF template, you add BI Publisher code to the RTF document. BI Publisher supports the following methods for adding code: Use any word processor that supports RTF version 1.6 writer (or later) to design a template using BI Publisher’s simplified syntax.

How do I include images or charts in an Oracle BI Publisher?

Oracle BI Publisher supports several methods of including images or charts in an Oracle BI Publisher report. • Leveraging Oracle Business Intelligence Beans (UI Beans) to add charts and graphs to an RTF template. Insert a dummy image in your template.

Can I include code in a BI Publisher report template?

If you want to include code directly in the template, then you can include any XSL element, many FO elements, and a set of SQL expressions that BI Publisher extends. Before you design a template, you must: Know the business rules that apply to the data from the source report.

Where does BI Publisher look for the font used in templates?

When the template is applied to the XML data on the server, BI Publisher looks for the font in the /tmp/fonts directory. Note that if the template is deployed in multiple locations, then you must ensure that the path is valid for each location.