How do you bypass the melt cycle on frymaster?

How do you bypass the melt cycle on frymaster?

If you are not using solid shortening, you may cancel the melt-cycle feature. To cancel the melt cycle on a full pot, press the “R” button. To cancel on a split pot, press the “L” button for the left side pot and the “R” button for the right side. will be replaced by .

What does CYCL mean on frymaster?

melt-cycle mode
a. “CYCL”, indicating that the burners/ elements are operating in the melt-cycle mode. Fryer will remain in the melt-cycle mode until it reaches 180°F (82°C) or is canceled manually.

How do you change the time on a pitco fryer?

To change the cook time, set it by pressing the Left Basket Timer button (basket with up arrows) and Right Basket Timer button (basket with down arrows) to adjust. Save and exit programming by pressing and holding the “P” key for 5 seconds.

How do you reset a pitco fryer?

To reset this limit switch, first, you should turn off the appliance. Allow the fryer some time to cool down to room temperature. Now, press the self-cleaning burner system (SCBS) high limit reset button. This button is located behind the front panel at the top of the main burners.

What are the error codes on a frymaster deep fryer?

Fryer Codes 1 PROB – The Frymaster PROB code means the fryer has a failed temperature probe or a failed controller. 2 HOT – If you see this error, turn the fryer off immediately and call Frymaster. 3 HELP – The Frymaster HELP code will display if there’s a heating problem with your fryer.

What is the code for boil out on a deep fryer?

Boil Out. The boil out code is 1653. Once the code is entered, “BOIL” will appear in the display. If you have a split pot fryer, keep in mind that older model computers will engage both pots in the boil operation, but that newer model computers require you to begin the boil process for each frypot individually.

What does it mean to call frymaster for a boil out?

CALL TECH – This means the memory chip or its support circuit has failed, and, you guessed it, you need to call Frymaster. If you’re just looking for a code to initiate the boil out feature, read on. But first, make sure you know the procedure.

When to call frymaster if your Fryer is too hot?

Either way, you will have to call Frymaster. HOT – If you see this error, turn the fryer off immediately and call Frymaster. This warning indicates a frypot temperature above 410F. It is very likely the oil in the vat has been ruined from this high temperature.