How do you do descriptive research?

How do you do descriptive research?

What is Descriptive Research? Descriptive research is a type of research that describes a population, situation, or phenomenon that is being studied. It focuses on answering the how, what, when, and where questions If a research problem, rather than the why.

Which is a criterion for a good research question?

A good research question should specify the population of interest, be of interest to the scientific community and potentially to the public, have clinical relevance and further current knowledge in the field (and of course be compliant with the standards of ethical boards and national research standards).

How do I find Cinahl evidence?

Set up your search

  1. On the Library homepage, find the Research by Subject button.
  2. Click on Research by Subject and choose: Nursing.
  3. Click on the Nursing Databases section and choose CINAHL Plus with Full Text database.
  4. Once you are in the database, use the search boxes to enter your keywords.

Which type of research provides the strongest evidence?

Well done systematic reviews, with or without an included meta-analysis, are generally considered to provide the best evidence for all question types as they are based on the findings of multiple studies that were identified in comprehensive, systematic literature searches.

What is an evidence based paper?

Evidence-based papers are written by students so that they can develop confidence, research interests, critical thinking, creativity, and decision-making skills that are applicable in real-world clinical settings. Any nursing school student must write an evidence-based practice paper.

What is it called when the participants are not revealed to anyone but researcher and staff?

Anonymity means that there is no way for anyone (including the researcher) to personally identify participants in the study. This means that no personally-identifying information can be collected in an anonymous study.

How do you write an evidence based report?

Discussion: critically analyse the findings; the main argument is presented here; Conclusions: draw conclusions from your analysis of the literature and draw an overall conclusion about the quality of the evidence; state the “best” answer to the question(s).

Where can I find evidence-based practice articles?

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

  1. PubMed for Nurses: Provides free access to MEDLINE, the NLM database of indexed citations and abstracts.
  2. Welch Medical Library: For Johns Hopkins Health System employees.
  3. CINAHL Complete: A research tool for nursing and allied health professionals.

How much of current nursing practice would you say is based upon evidence that supports it?

Currently, 55% of all nursing practices are based on research findings. The ANA predicts that by 2020, 90% of all nursing practice will be based on EBP research findings.

How do you determine if an article is evidence based?

Typically you can tell if there are the words “journal”, “review” or “quarterly” in the title and the source of the publication is from an academic source (a university press, for example).

What level of evidence is UpToDate?

UpToDate has chosen a system of grading with three levels of evidence quality: High (Grade A) Moderate (Grade B) Low (Grade C)

What is evidence based practice essay?

Evidence based practice involves making clinical division on the basis of the best possible evidence ,usually best evidence come from the rigrous research.

What does level of evidence BR mean?

Level of Evidence B-R: Data derived from one or more randomized trials or meta-analysis of such studies. Level of Evidence B-NR: Data derived from one or more non-randomized trials or meta-analysis of such studies.