How do you find track time?

How do you find track time?

How to Get Employees to Track Time

  1. Make It Easy. This should be fairly straightforward: The easier it is to complete a timesheet, the more likely employees are to do so.
  2. Automate Everything.
  3. Simplify the Approval Process.
  4. Explain the Benefits.
  5. Make It Part of Your Culture.
  6. Manage Time Off Requests.
  7. Reward the Team!

How long does a track day last?

A Typical Track Day Timetable 08:30 – Safety Briefing—usually lasts around 20 minutes. 09:00 – Sighting laps—not with all track day organisers.

Can you have passengers on track days?

Yes, prices for extra drivers and passengers vary depending on the venue. Please note the minimum age of passengers is 16 and the minimum age of drivers is 18 with a license. Juniors holding an MSA race license can drive but please check before you book.

What is the noise limit at Cadwell Park?

The Cadwell Park track day noise limit is fixed at 105 dB (A), tested statically at 0.5 metres from the exhaust. There is no drive-by noise test. The static test will take place before any vehicle is allowed out on track.

Is Cadwell Park suitable for beginners?

The circuit at Cadwell Park and its track days for cars and bikes are perfect for drivers of all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced pros. Our Events calendar is regularly updated and offers full listings that can be accessed, together with information on the circuit and noise limits, here on this page.

Where can I have a track day in Lincolnshire?

Cadwell Park Track Days Cadwell Park Circuit is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is more commonly used for motorcycle and bike track days, but is equally a great venue to bring cars along for our Own Car Track Days.

Which track day event is right for your car?

Cadwell Park is more commonly used for motorcycle track days, but still great for cars. The track day events are always great value for money, especially if you get them at the book early price.