How do you get the most XP in MapleStory?

How do you get the most XP in MapleStory?

Use Items

  1. The Extreme Gold Potion from the Monster Park Coin shop will give an additional 10% EXP for 30 minutes.
  2. The EXP Accumulation Potion will give an additional 10% EXP for 2 hours. TIPS:
  3. “E.X.P. Entropy” will increase EXP earned from Kritias by 50% for 1 hour.

Where do I train in MapleStory reboot?

Level 90 – 100

  1. Sand Rat/Scorpion [89/90] – Sunset Road: Sahel 2 (Nihal Desert) A flat small map with high monster spawn makes this an obvious popular pick for training and viable until level 100 for those players that want to stay in a single location.
  2. D.
  3. Elin Forest [95] – Maple Guide.

How do you get 2x XP in MapleStory?

So if you would normally earn 100 EXP from defeating a specific monster, you will earn 200 EXP when you have a 2x EXP card equipped. A 2x EXP card can be purchased in the “Character Modifications” → “EXP Coupons” category of the Cash Shop.

Does Legion EXP stack MapleStory?

Both the Legion EXP Buff and an Enjoyable Winter will stack with a Cash Shop 2x EXP Coupon. However, a Legion EXP Buff and Enjoyable Winter will not stack with each other.

Does 2x EXP affect Monster Park?

Does 2x EXP affect Monster Park? PSA:Exp Multipliers DO NOT work in monster park.

How do I use EXP to next level in Global MapleStory?

This table attempts to stay up to date with the current version of Global MapleStory. EXP to next level specifies how much more EXP is required to reach the next level. To calculate the Total EXP earned so far for a level, add the Total EXP earned so far value of the previous level and the EXP to level value of the previous level.

How long does it take to level up MapleStory Afterlands?

In addition to boosting your strength on your main character or mules for easier levelling you can easily earn around 10 levels for completing this content that takes around an hour. Given the complexity of this content and some bugs I recommend you follow a MapleStory Afterlands walkthrough guide.

What is this MapleStory training guide for?

This MapleStory training guide is applicable for your main character or training mules for Link Skills and Legion. It is designed with choice and variation in mind giving players multiple options at most stages of progression given different classes excel on different map layouts.

Is MapleStory an event-based game?

Maplestory is a very event-based MMO. There are events that give best in slot items, temporary stats, or increased experience. Some of the most notable and most often referenced ones include: