How do you join HDPE pipes?

How do you join HDPE pipes?

The pipe joining method is a process in which the two ends of the pipes to be heated and welded by using a butt welding machine and the both ends are pushed toward each other by pressure under a certain temperature. Hdpe pipes up to 1200 mm in diameter can be welded by using the welding method.

How many types of HDPE pipe joints are there?

The three types of jointing commonly used for jointing PE pipe are, electrofusion, butt fusion and mechanical fittings.

What fittings are used with HDPE pipe?

The various methods used to connect HDPE pipes, accessories and valves, are as follows:

  • Thermal Butt (Butt fusion)
  • Thermal bushing.
  • Electro Fusion.
  • Flange.
  • Extrusion.
  • Bolting.
  • Rubber gasket latching.

How long does it take to weld HDPE pipe?

HDPE pipe welding is the process of fusing one piece HDPE conduit to another piece of conduit or to a fitting….Max Heater Plate Removal Times.

Pipe Wall Thickness Time
>0.55” – 1.18” 15 Seconds
>1.18”– 2.5” 20 Seconds
>2.5”– 4.5” 25 Seconds

How do you connect 2 HDPE pipes together?

Heat fusion, the most common method used to join HDPE pipe, works by heating two pipe ends and pressing them together, creating a permanent joint that converts individual sections of pipe into a single, continuous line. Fusion creates high-strength, reliable joints, but the process presents several challenges.

How do you connect HDPE pipe to HDPE pipe?

Butt or Fusion Welding uses a heating plate on the squared ends of the HDPE pipes to be joined. After the specified time, the heating plate is removed; pieces are put together and cooled under pressure. Butt welding can be used to join 2 pipes or a pipe to a fitting.

What is the price of HDPE pipe jointing machine in India?

– Most of the products of HDPE Pipe Jointing Machine ranges from Rs 22033 to 335000 per Set Solwet HDPE pipe jointing machine from 50 to 160mm price is Rs.55000/- including gst & free transportation anywhere in india

What are the different types of HDPE products available?

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What is HDPE butt welding used for?

Available with us is a highly functional range of HDPE butt welding equipment, which is used for welding pipes and fittings made of PE / PP / PVDF. Constructed with the aid of latest technology, these equipment have a clamp opening angle for easy operations and thermometer for reading the working temperature.