How do you reference a figure in APA?

How do you reference a figure in APA?

All figures and tables must be mentioned in the text (a “callout”) by their number. Do not refer to the table/figure using either “the table above” or “the figure below.” Assign table/figure # in the order as it appears, numbered consecutively, in your paper – not the figure # assigned to it in its original resource.

How do you reference a figure in APA 7?

Figure reproduced in your text From [or Adapted from] “Title of Article,” by First Initial. Second Initial. Author Surname, year, Journal Title, Volume(issue), page number (url or doi if from an ejournal). Copyright year by Name of Copyright Holder [or In the public domain or Creative Commons license abbreviation].

How do you cite 17 authors in APA?

Solution #2: How to cite an article with more than 20 authors in APA style. If an article has more than 20 authors, all authors do not need to be listed in the reference. Instead, name the first 19, then use an ellipsis (…), then add the name of the final author listed.

How do you reference a figure in a paper?

from “Title of Article,” by Author First Initial. Second Initial. Surname, Year, Journal Title, Volume(issue), page number….Figures

  1. Number figures consecutively throughout your paper.
  2. Figures should be labeled “Figure (number)” ABOVE the figure.
  3. Double-space the caption that appears under a figure.

How do you cite figures in APA 6th edition?

Author – last name and Author – first name initial(s). Author – last name, Year, Place of Publication: Publisher. Copyright Year by Name of Copyright Holder. If you are using it in a published work, include Reprinted [or Adapted] with permission.

Where do figures go in an APA paper?

Place figures (photographs, charts, diagrams, and so on) centered below the text that addresses them. Maintain double spacing. 2. Write (See Figure 1.) or a similar expression in the text before the figure, but do not italicize.

How do you reference a figure in a book in APA?

Referring to a figure in a book If you refer to a figure included in a book and do not include it in your text, format the in-text citation and the reference list entry in the usual way, citing the page number where the figure appears.

What is the APA 7th edition referencing system?

The APA 7th edition referencing system Referencing is a standard practice for acknowledging information sources in academic writing at university. Whenever you write an assignment that requires you to find and use information, you are expected to reference all the sources of information and ideas included in your writing.

Is there an alignment for APA citation of charts and figures?

APA does not specify an alignment. However, charts and figures should be near the text in which they are referenced. All charts and figures must be referenced in text as “Figure.”

How do you title a graph in APA format?

APA does not require a title within the graph itself (except in research papers for classes). BUT all figures need be numbered and have a title in a caption below the graph. The text in a figure should be in a san serif font (such as Calibri, Helvetica, Arial, or Futura). The font size must be between eight and fourteen point.