How does Lamb portray the cashier Evans and his deputy in his essay The South Sea House?

How does Lamb portray the cashier Evans and his deputy in his essay The South Sea House?

He describes a sickly man, Evans, who worked as a cashier. He was melancholic during his job, always fearing that accounts would default, but a mirthful storyteller when the workday was done. Working under Evans was Thomas Tame, who had the air of a nobleman but a totally dull mind.

What are the three basic purpose of studying according to Bacon?

Answer. According to Francis Bacon three purposes of study are to encourage us to study, to instruct us on how to study, and if we are to make the best of what we read. Thirdly he emphasized on learning and understanding a subject to get the complete benefit of study.

Which of the following is a prose poem by Lamb?

Which of the following is a prose-poem by Lamb? In his essay ‘Christ Hospital Five and Thirty years Ago’ Lamb has recorded his impressions of the place and a boy.

What does the narrator of the superannuated man miss on a city Sunday?

On a Sunday, he found the city gloomy and felt a weight in the air. He missed the cheerful cries of London, the music, and the ballad singers – the buzz and stirring murmur of the streets. The bells striking the hours depressed him, and the closed shops repelled him.

Who according to Lamb was the best dancer during her youth?

Ans: Field, pseudonym for the actual person, was Lamb’s grandmother. Lamb presents her as an ideal grandmother in an imaginary and inflated way before his “dream children”—she was extremely pious, fearless and compassionate person besides being the best dancer of the area in her youth. 3.

Where was the writer employed before his superannuation in the superannuated man?

‘The Superannuated Man’ is an account of Lamb’s lament of his life’s travails from his school days to the job in Counting House in Mincing-lane in London. He took up the job at fourteen and languished there for ‘six and thirty’ years leading up to his retirement.