How hard is it to get into Rambert?

How hard is it to get into Rambert?

Rambert is difficult to get into it’s true, but if you don’t turn up you have a 0% chance of success. You say yourself that this is your absolute dream, so don’t talk yourself out of trying! Go, enjoy the experience and I am sure you will get something out of it whatever the outcome.

Why did Alston leave Rambert?

In December 1992, the Rambert Dance Company board members dismissed Alston. Later, Alston moved away from the strong emphasis on design in his works that interested him whilst at Rambert Dance Company. He explains ‘I am really interested in developing further the close relationship between movement and music’.

When did Ballet Rambert change their name?

In 1987, the company was renamed Rambert Dance Company to more accurately reflect the style and nature of its current form. This was shortened to simply Rambert in 2013.

Where is Ballet Rambert based?

It is commonly associated with such theatres as Sadler’s Wells the Theatre Royal, Brighton and The Lowry in Salford, Greater Manchester. In November 2013, Rambert moved from Chiswick, London, to new, purpose built headquarters on London’s South Bank.

What did Glen Tetley do for Rambert?

1. He contributed to moving Rambert into the modern dance arena. 2. He contributed to increasing the diversity of the audience members.

How did Marie Rambert influence Christopher Bruce?

Marie Rambert influenced his belief that dance should be independent of music. For many of his early works the electronic score was added when the choreography was almost complete. Bruce gained confidence in using existing music and commissioning original works from Philip Chambon.

What is the meaning of Rambert?

German Baby Names Meaning: In German Baby Names the meaning of the name Rambert is: Mighty or intelligent.

What did Robert North do for Rambert?

Robert North (1945-) He was a founding member of London Contemporary Dance Theatre in 1967. North became Associate Choreographer of Ballet Rambert in 1975 before being appointed Artistic Director in 1981. While Artistic Director, he created six works for the company and restaged three earlier works.

When did Glen Tetley work with Rambert?

When NDT came to London in 1966, Marie Rambert asked Tetley to work with Ballet Rambert, then in the process of reforming itself as a modern dance company. He launched its new direction with four of his pieces, including Pierrot Lunaire and a new creation, Ziggurat (1967).

How did Christopher Bruce influence contemporary dance?

Walter Gore: Bruce briefly performed with Walter Gore’s company, London Ballet, in 1963, whilst a student at the Ballet Rambert School in London. He was responsible for the company’s change in direction to a modern dance company as he introduced Graham technique to be taught alongside ballet.

Why Rambert School of ballet?

Uniquely in the UK, the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance treats these two dance genres equally. Providing an intensive dance training and a stimulating educational environment, Rambert enables talented students to fulfil their potential as expressive performers, creative artists and as human beings.

What degrees does Rambert School of dance offer?

The School offers a Foundation Degree and a BA (Hons) in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. At postgraduate level, the School delivers an MA in Professional Dance Performance with Rambert Company as placement provider, and from 2020-21, a new MA in Dance Research for Professional Practitioners.

What is the history of the Rambert School?

From their 1920s origin as one a single organisation, Marie Rambert’s school and company gradually became separate entities. The Rambert School was directed by Marie Rambert’s daughter Angela Ellis for many years, and was based at the Mercury Theatre.

Who is the current director of Rambert School?

The Rambert School was directed by Marie Rambert’s daughter Angela Ellis for many years, and was based at the Mercury Theatre. In 1979, Ellis retired and Rambert School moved to temporary accommodation at The Place under the direction of Brigitte Kelly.