How long does MiWay take to process a claim?

How long does MiWay take to process a claim?

They will make an appointment to see you within 1 working day in order to assess the extent and nature of the damage. 2 -3 working days thereafter, the assessor’s damage report is created and is submitted to MiWay.

What means additional excess?

An additional excess may apply to drivers under the age of 25 if they were driving, using or in charge of the car at the time of the incident. It also applies to learner drivers and is in addition to any other excess that applies. If the driver is listed on the policy, this excess will be lower than if they aren’t.

Is MiWay part of Santam?

The Santam brand Santam is associated with brands such as MiWay, Centriq, the specialist underwriting managers’ brands and several niche business unit brands.

What is third party cover?

Third party – third party car insurance is the legally required minimum level of car insurance cover you need. It can cover the cost of damage to another person’s vehicle, as well as any compensation costs for injuries caused to other people. It also covers you if your car is stolen, or damaged in an attempted theft.

How does a claim work?

An insurance claim is a request filed by a policyholder to a provider asking for compensation for a covered loss. The insurance company will then review the claim, and they can approve it and issue an eventual payout after investigating it, or they deny the claim.

Should I add voluntary excess?

Voluntary excess can sometimes lower your premiums, if you opt for the right deal. But it’s only going to lead to savings if you don’t need to make a claim – otherwise you’ll end up paying more. Vickers explained: “Increasing your excess could mean a nasty shock if you have to make a claim on your insurance.

Is Santam a good insurance company?

The South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) is an industry benchmark survey and it has just revealed that for the third consecutive year, Santam is the top insurer in South Africa.

What does Santam stand for?

South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited
The South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited (Santam) opened its doors for the first time in Cape Town on 1 May 1918.

What is the excess on a MiWay policy?

The vehicle will be covered for 70% of its insured value at the date of loss. The standard excess (and any applicable additional excesses) will apply unless the client has opted for a voluntary higher excess. Is MiWay available to contact on public holidays?

How do I find out more about MiWay?

Visit our website at MiWay Insurance Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Licence number: 33970). 3 When it comes to car insurance, most of us can feel a little overwhelmed by the many terms, conditions and buzzwords that appear in our insurance policies.

How does MiWay Insurance work?

Each and every individual who joins MiWay insurance enters into a legal and binding contract which dictates the manner in which an insurance claim is made and processed. This eBook contains information that is purely educational.

How does MiWay cover towing and storage costs?

When you sign your insurance policy, you will receive a ‘do-not- tow’ sticker that needs to be stuck onto your vehicle. MiWay will cover reasonable towing and storage costs of your vehicle, provided that it was towed by an approved service- provider and you have a valid claim. 21 Help Guide: How to Claim