How many mg of calcium are in a mmol?

How many mg of calcium are in a mmol?

Reference Ranges

Adults 8.6 – 10.3 mg/dL 2.15 – 2.57 mmol/L
Children < 10 d 7.6-10.4 mg/dL 1.90-2.60 mmol/L
Children 11 d-2 yr 9.0-11.0 mg/dL 2.25-2.75 mmol/L
Children 3-12 yr 8.8-10.8 mg/dL 2.20-2.70 mmol/L
Children 13-18 yr 8.4-10.2 mg/dL 2.10-2.55 mmol/L

What is the conversion factor for calcium?

SI Unit Conversion Table

Analyte Conventional Units Conventional to SI (multiply by)
Calcitonin pg/mL 1
ionized mg/dL 0.25
serum mg/dL 0.25

How do you convert total calcium to ionized calcium?

To overcome this, various nomograms and formulae have been developed to estimate ionized calcium by correcting total calcium for total protein, albumin, globulins, and pH. The most widely used of these is the Payne et al. formula: Adjusted calcium (mmol/L) = Total calcium (mmol/L) + 0.02 [40 – serum albumin (g/L)].

What is a unit of calcium?

Value: C Units SI Units. CF: Calcium. mg/dL mmol/L.

What is mg dL to mmol?

mg/dL in mmol/L, conversion factor: 1 mg/dL = 0.0555 mmol/L

mg/dL 10 30
mmol/L 0.6 1.7

What is mmol L to mg dL?

mmol/L in mg/dL, conversion factor: 1 mmol/L = 18,018 mg/dL

mmol/L 0.6 2.8
mg/dL 11 50

What is the conversion of calcium to mmol L?

Calcium mg/dL ↔ mmol/L Conversion Table. 1 mg/dL =. 4 mmol/L. 2 mg/dL =. 8 mmol/L. 3 mg/dL =. 12 mmol/L. 4 mg/dL =. 16 mmol/L.

What is the normal calcium level in the blood stream?

The normal regulation of calcium in our blood stream is similar to the way a thermostat works. The body is set to have a normal amount of calcium (somewhere between 8.6 to 10.3 mg/dL). The parathyroid glands can be thought of as the “calcium thermostat” of the body.

What is the formula to convert mg/dL to mmol/L?

The formula to convert mg/dl to mmol/l is 1 Milligram Per Deciliter = 0.0555555555555556 Millimole Per Liter. mg/dl is 17.9856115107914 times Smaller than mmol/l. Enter the value of mg/dl and hit Convert to get value in mmol/l. Check our mg/dl to mmol/l converter. Need a reverse calculation from mmol/l to mg/dl?

What happens if calcium levels are too high in the body?

If the calcium levels are too high, the parathyroid glands will stop releasing PTH to try to bring the calcium back down to normal. Lab. Normal range (conventional units) Normal Range (SI units) Calcium (serum) 8.6-10.3 mg/dL. 2.2-2.6 mmol/L. Calcium (ionized) 4.4-5.2 mg/dL.