How many rounds does a Springfield XDS 45 hold?

How many rounds does a Springfield XDS 45 hold?


Model Cartridge Capacity
3.3-inch 9mm 7+1
.40 S&W 6+1
.45 ACP 5+1
4-inch 9mm

Does Springfield still make the XD-S 45?

To make the XD-S durable, yet portable, we used the right materials for the job….1 of 8.

Price $589.99
Barrel Length 3.3in
Finish Black / Stainless
Grips Black Polymer w/Interchangeable Backstraps
Sights Fiber optic Front / Dovetail Rear / Crimson Trace Laserguard

What is the best bullet for the XD-s?

With that said, there are plenty of other options out there. Generally speaking, in a gun with a short barrel like the XD-S, I would personally choose a lighter weight. 45 ACP bullet in the 160 to 185 grain range. Why? Velocity. All else equal, a lighter weight bullet is easier to push faster.

What is the velocity of a Springfield XD-s?

The Springfield Armory XD-S has a 3.3 inch barrel, so when compared to a full size gun with a 5 inch barrel, you might see velocity for any given ammunition reduced by as much as 80 to 100 feet per second.

What is the difference between the 45 ACP and 9mm XD-s?

Except for caliber, capacity and a very slight weight difference, the .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S are identical. Almost any bullet will expand almost every time if you just shoot it into water, gelatin or even soaking wet newspaper.

What load will fit the Speer Gold Dot 9mm XD-s?

The Speer Gold Dot 9mm Short Barrel load performed perfectly with this 9mm XD-S. Expansion was perfect after passing through two layers of leather and 4 layers of fabric.