How much did Michael Burry make from the big short?

How much did Michael Burry make from the big short?

It took years for Michael’s predictions to play out. However, when they did, he returned a personal profit of $100 million and $700 million for his investors.

How much money did Michael Burry make shorting the housing market?

Eventually, Burry’s analysis proved correct: He made a personal profit of $100 million and a profit for his remaining investors of more than $700 million.

Why is Michael Burry investing in water?

A key takeaway from Bloomberg’s interview with Michael Burry is that investing in water or farmland is smart in special situations. Not every piece of farmland or every water rights venture will pay off or even pay dividends, but where limited supply meets increasing demand, prices will likely rise over time.

Who plays Mike in the big short?

Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Michael Burry: one of the first people to discover the American housing market bubble. Burry operates his own hedge fund, Scion Capital, and uses his liquidity to short the housing market.

How do I invest like Michael Burry?

One thing that makes Burry stand out from pure value investors is that he also seeks other opportunities once they arise. For example he will also invest in asset plays, arbitrage opportunities and companies selling less than two-thirds below net value.

Is Rachel McAdams in the big short?

The film, featuring a stellar ensemble cast of Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, John Slattery, Liev Schreiber, Stanley Tucci, and Billy Crudup, revolves around the investigative team of Boston Globe reporters who relentlessly pursue the story even as they get constantly stalled by those in power.

Was the big short real?

The Big Short, based on a non-fiction book by Michael Lewis, chronicles the real lives and actions of several financial-industry professionals in the mid-2000s—against the backdrop of the rise and then dramatic collapse of the real estate market.