How much does a day ticket cost in Amsterdam?

How much does a day ticket cost in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket This is a 1 day (€19.50), 2 day (€28.00) or 3 day (€36.50) ticket which is valid on all public transport in the greater Amsterdam region. This includes NS trains, all regional buses (Connexxion, EBS and Arriva Keukenhof services) and all GVB Amsterdam buses, metro and trams.

How much is a travel pass in Amsterdam?

Three versions of the Amsterdam Travel Ticket are available: 1, 2 or 3-day. The price for the 1-day ticket is 17 euros, the 2-day ticket costs 22,50 euros and the 3-day ticket is 28 euros. That amount buys you a huge amount of ease and comfort and most likely saves you money compared to individual transport tickets.

What is the best travel card for Amsterdam?

If you’re planning a packed itinerary of sight-seeing and museum-visiting during your trip, the I amsterdam card could be the best value pass for you.

How much does the tram cost in Amsterdam?

GVB (tram, metro, bus) tickets

Ticket valid for Price
1 hour € 3,20
1 day – 24 hours € 8,50
2 days – 48 hours € 13,50
3 days – 72 hours € 20,00

Is public transport in Amsterdam 24 hours?

traveling at night in Amsterdam GVB operates public transport services 24 hours a day. After the regular daytime services have ended, a special network of 10 night buses  serves all parts of Amsterdam. The trams, buses and metro lines run from 06:00 in the morning to just after midnight.

Is the I Amsterdam Card worth it?

Honestly, if you want to limit yourself to a few select attractions while in Amsterdam, the I amsterdam card is probably not a good value. If you are a fast paced sightseer though and want to see as much of Amsterdam’s museums/attractions as possible, this card is really worth considering.

Are trams in Amsterdam free?

You can buy tickets as you board any bus, most trams or from the machines at any metro station. These are however rather expensive, a single journey (actually you can travel for an hour with this ticket) in Amsterdam will cost €2.90 compared to around €1.20 if you pay by OV Chipkaart.

Is Amsterdam public transport 24 hours?

Is Uber available in Amsterdam?

Uber is available in The Netherlands since 2012. Started in Amsterdam and now available in more than 5 cities.

What is an Amsterdam&region travel ticket?

This way you no longer have to go through a ticket machine or a counter. Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket: 1, 2 or 3 day transport pass valid on all public transport operated by GVB, Connexxion, EBS and NS in Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Area, including night buses..

How do I use my Amsterdam day ticket?

Using your Amsterdam Day Ticket is easy: Tickets are valid for 24 – 168 hours (1 – 7 days). Your ticket is activated the first time you check in on a tram, bus or metro. You must check in and out with your card every time you enter and exit one of the vehicles.

What is the best Amsterdam city pass to get?

However the one that is consistently considered the best on offer is the Amsterdam City Pass. With this card you get skip-the-line tickets to either the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum, tickets for a 1 hour canal cruise, a return airport transfer and a 20% discount on attractions, museums, excursions and bike tours available throughout the city.

What is a GVB ticket Amsterdam?

Public Transport Amsterdam Day Ticket- GVB. The GVB day or multi-day travel ticket provides you with unlimited travel through Amsterdam – day or night – by bus, tram, and metro, for exactly the number of hours that best suits your plans. It becomes valid when you first check in.