How much does a quart of Valvoline oil cost?

How much does a quart of Valvoline oil cost?

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This item Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil 1 QT (Packaging May Vary)
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Is 5W-30 the same as SAE 5w30?

Can I Use 5W-30 Instead Of SAE 30? Both oils have a “30” hot viscosity rating. This means SAE 5W-30 oil has the same flow rate as SAE 30 at operating temp. So, technically it’s fine to use SAE 5W-30 oil in place of SAE 30.

How many miles does Valvoline full synthetic oil last?

Valvoline offers three (3) different levels of protection.

Type of Valvoline Motor Oil Guarantee
SynPower, SynPower NextGen, or Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife ™ Technology 300,000 Miles
MaxLife, MaxLife NextGen or DuraBlend 225,000 Miles
Premium Conventional or NextGen Conventional 150,000 Miles

Which oil is recommended for higher mileage engines Valvoline?

Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife Technology Motor Oil is proven to maximize engine life in vehicles with over 75,000 miles.

Does Valvoline sell quarts of oil?

Demanding weather conditions are no match for Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic . Available in 1-qt. and 5-qt.

What can I use instead of 5W-30?

10w30 is thicker than 5w30 because it has a higher viscosity in low temperatures. The engine oil will flow slower than 5w30 during the cold season. Thicker or higher viscosity metal oil has a better seal compared to low viscosity oil.

Can I put SAE 5W-30 instead of 5W-30?

5w-30 is fine to use. It has the same flow rate as SAE30 at normal operating temps. The way oil works is, the first number is flow rate at ambient temp.

How often should you change your oil Valvoline?

every 3,000 to 4,000 miles
The Valvoline Limited Engine Guarantee makes it easy to remember to change your oil every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. We send simple reminders to those who enroll their vehicles.

What does 5w30 mean?

5w30 motor oil has a winter viscosity grade of five, meaning it’s less viscous (less thick) at very low temperatures compared to, say, 10w30. It has a hot viscosity grade of 30, which means it is less viscous at high temperatures than an oil such as 5w50.

Is all 5W30 oil synthetic?

Is 5W-30 A Synthetic Oil? 5W-30 oil is available as both conventional oil (also called mineral oil) and synthetic motor oil.