How Much Does a tiger moth plane cost?

How Much Does a tiger moth plane cost?


1939 De Havilland Tiger Moth Aircraft
Currency AU $
Price $110,000
Location New South Wales, Australia
Registration No VH-BAL

How many Tiger Moths are still flying?

It is conservatively estimated that around 250 examples of the Tiger Moth are still flying today.

Who flew the tiger moth?

de Havilland Tiger Moth

DH.82 Tiger Moth
Introduction February 1932
Retired 1959
Status Retired from military service, still in civil use
Primary users Royal Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force Royal Australian Air Force Royal New Zealand Air Force

Where was the tiger moth built?

the United Kingdom
The De Havilland Tiger Moth (DH 82) was first manufactured in the United Kingdom in 1931 and by the outbreak of World War II was the primary basic training aircraft in use in Commonwealth countries.

Are Tiger Moths easy to fly?

YOUR AIRCRAFT The RAF found the Tiger Moth’s handling ideal for training future fighter pilots. A robust little machine, it is generally docile and forgiving in normal flight. The Tiger Moth responds well to control inputs, and is fairly easy to fly for a tail-dragger.

Are Jersey tiger moths rare?

It is named after the area of London where the first one was reported in Britain in 1748. But it originates in Scandinavia and central Europe and is a rare migrant to the British Isles. Only a handful are seen in Britain each year and one has been spotted near Cobham in Surrey.

What is a Stearman worth?

Boeing Stearman Model 75 Kaydet Vref value: $60,000 to $180,000 for flying aircraft. How many in the fleet: More than 11,000 were produced in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Are there any Tiger Moths for sale for sale?

Of course Spirit in the Sky are pleased to offer for sale this superb newly restored Tiger Moth. Ex T6457 South African Air Force. This aircraft has been subject to a complete ground up restoration by an approved maintenance organisation.

Is the de Havilland Tiger Moth DH82A for sale?

Times… DEHAVILLAND TIGERMOTH DH82A!! • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • After 23 years of proud ownership a prolific aviation enthusiast and vintage aircraft collector is parting ways with his beloved (British Built)…See More Details

How many hours has the Tiger Moth been on?

This stunning Tiger Moth is originally a UK manufactured aircraft and has a total of 341 hours on both airframe and engine since full restoration and full CofA. All AD’s are currently up to-date. Due at next inspection are the mandatory instrument AD next 100 hourly.

Are there any spare parts available for the DH82?

All work was completed IAW De HAvilland DH82 Engineering Drawings, the DH82 Maintenance and Repair Manual, 3rd Edition and the DH82 Schedule of Spare Parts. There is an extensive spare parts inventory available as a separate sale to the aircraft itself.