How much does it cost to shoot a music video in Nigeria?

How much does it cost to shoot a music video in Nigeria?

A standard Nigerian video can cost between N2 million and N5 million depending on the production budget of the artiste. Also, you can shoot a musical video with #50,000 and even low.

Who is the best music video director?

Here is our list of The Greatest Music Video Directors of All Time!

  • Melina Matsoukas.
  • Spike Jonze.
  • Dave Meyers.
  • Chris Cunningham.
  • Mark Romanek.
  • Director X.
  • Stéphane Sednaoui.
  • Jonas Åkerlund.

How much does TG Omori charge for a music video?

So he told me they had a budget of 500,000 Naira to shoot a video. That amount of money was like 50 million for me.

Do music videos have directors?

At the head of every music video is a director: the experienced professional who supervises the production team, oversees filming and editing, and, in some cases, provides a guiding creative vision.

Who is the best music video director in Nigeria?

Top five Nigerian music video directors

  • Clarence Peters.
  • TG Omori. Born ThankGod Omori Jesam, the music video director is also fondly called Boy Director.
  • Daps.
  • Meji Alabi.
  • Dawa Thompson.
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Do record labels pay for music videos?

Typically, labels front the money for music video production. “They are the beneficiaries of the royalties that come from those videos, so it’s their obligation to pay for them,” Gershen says. “Artists who are not signed need to be self-financed.

Who is the owner of TG Omori?

His real name is ThankGod Omori Jesam Obono though he’s popularly known as TG Omori or Boy Director. TG Omori is a Nigerian cinematographer, film maker, music director and fashion stylist….Profile Summary.

Name TG Omori, Boy Director
Net Worth $250,000

Who is the best producer in Nigeria?

Top 12 Music Producers in Nigeria

  • Killertunes. A well acclaimed top music producer in Nigeria who has crafted the beats of many hit songs hitting the airwaves.
  • Kel P.
  • MasterKraft.
  • Young John (The Wicked Producer)
  • Fresh VDM.
  • Spellz.
  • SperoacHBeatz.
  • Kiddominant.