How much does the Sunday Star-Ledger cost?

How much does the Sunday Star-Ledger cost?

The Star-Ledger prices are $1.50 weekdays, $2 Saturdays and $3 Sundays and Thanksgiving Day.

How do I cancel NJ com subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by calling 888-782-7533 or by visiting

Is the Star-Ledger still in print?

The Star-Ledger reporting staff is a fraction of what it once was, print circulation is down more than 70%, and frankly, the quality of their work has been disappointing. The Star-Ledger is hardly a non-profit group trying to survive in incredibly difficult times with only altruistic motives.

Is NJ Com The Star-Ledger?

Content on is provided by NJ Advance Media, a company launched in June 2014 to provide content, sales and marketing services to and Advance’s New Jersey-based newspapers, including The Star-Ledger, The Times of Trenton, The Jersey Journal, the South Jersey Times, The Hunterdon County Democrat, The Star- …

Is the Star-Ledger free?

Subscribers of The Star-Ledger receive full access to each edition at no extra charge. Simply sign in with your existing Star-Ledger email and password.

How much does a subscription to The Star-Ledger cost?

1 Month: $22.99 With all digital access, you can manage your account online, and enjoy unlimited access to the eNewspaper, eNewsletters and Easy Pay is the convenient payment program that automatically charges your credit card or bank account.

How do I cancel my Star-Ledger newspaper?

Another option is to call The Star-Ledger customer service at 888-782-7533 and ask them to cancel your account. Make sure to prepare relevant account info and contact details and tell the customer service representative if you want to cancel print-only or a print-digital subscription.

Is NJ Com free?

We know the timing is not ideal to ask for direct financial support, when so many people are out of work, struggling or helping friends and family members. But we no longer can continue to make all of our digital content available free of charge, as we have done since launching in 1996.

Can I get the Star-Ledger delivered?

In most areas, the paper will be delivered by 7:00 AM on weekdays, 8:00 AM on Saturdays, and 8:00 AM on Sundays. If your paper does not come on a scheduled delivery date, please contact New Jersey Star-Ledger as soon as possible to receive credit.

Where is the Star-Ledger sold?

NEWARK — The Star-Ledger has sold its long-time home in Newark, where the state’s largest daily newspaper was headquartered for nearly 50 years, according to publisher Richard Vezza.

Where is Star-Ledger located?

Newark, N.J.
The Star-Ledger

Basic facts
Location: Newark, N.J.
Year founded: 1917
Website: Official website

Is The Star-Ledger app free?

Subscribers of The Star-Ledger receive full access to each edition at no extra charge. Simply sign in with your existing Star-Ledger email and password. Receive full digital access to, including Subscriber Exclusive stories, eNewspaper and subscriber newsletters.

How do you contact Star Ledger?

Contact Star Ledger. Star Ledger resides at New Jersey United States provides here all the necessory details like contact number 1-888-782-7533 by which customers can reach to Star Ledger Go to and get more information from there.

What is the New Jersey Star Ledger?

The Star-Ledger is the largest circulated newspaper in the U.S. state of New Jersey and is based in Newark . It is a sister paper to The Jersey Journal of Jersey City, The Times of Trenton and the Staten Island Advance , all of which are owned by Advance Publications.

What is a paper Ledger?

Ledger paper is the physical document on which accountants write journal entries and other accounting data.