How much HP does LS3 with supercharger?

How much HP does LS3 with supercharger?

Now available from Edelbrock, is a complete 416ci supercharged, LS engine, that produces an astounding 720 horsepower and 695 ft-lbs. of torque, on 91 octane pump gas.

Can you put a supercharger on a LS3?

Supercharging a factory LS3 with a ProCharger D-1SC system. Last month, we installed a ProCharger LSx Serpentine Drive Kit (LSx SDK) with their D-1SC supercharger onto a factory LS3. Out of the box our naturally aspirated LS3 managed to generate 501 hp.

What is needed to supercharge an LS3?

For the enterprising horsepower-seeking enthusiast to reach this mark via a power-adder, roughly 5 to 9-pounds of boost from a supercharger or turbocharger application would be needed, which is largely considered a pretty tame level of boost to push through the stock LS3 engine.

How much horsepower does a Whipple supercharger add to an LS3?

The higher max RPM will allow us to make higher boost and that means more horsepower. It will also run cooler than its 2.9L predecessor. We are rating the new 3.0L LS builds at 1,175hp on pump gas. That’s a bump of 100 horsepower over the 2.9L version.

How much boost can the LS3 handle?

Each of the engine builders that we spoke with were concise and to the point that the stock LS3 rotating assembly is more than capable of handling the boost levels to attain 500 horsepower.

How good is the LS3?

The LS3 heads are LOTS better than the LS1/LM7 heads, and somewhat better than the LS2 heads. But with its 4 inch bores, the LS2 can also benefit from LS3 heads. Neither the LS1 nor the LM7 can. Smog is another consideration. Emissions equipment actually for SIMPLER on the newer engines. Neither the LS2 nor the LS3 has either EGR or air injection.

What is the difference in the LS3 and the LS9?

The two were built in separate plants (the LS9 now having ceased production), with the LSA built in Silao, Mexico, while the LS9 came from Wixom, Michigan. The LS9 uses a bigger 2.3L supercharger (LSA 1.9L), which allows for more boost. This means the LS9 requires stronger internals, making it safer at higher outputs than the LSA.

How to build a LS3?

LS3 Engine Block. Remember Kojima stated they started with an LS3 block because of its versatility of application.

  • Pistons. Kojima shares a lot of praise for the popular aftermarket manufacturer,CP Pistons.
  • Crank&Rods. For his LS-based engines,Kojima recommends an Eagle crank and rods.
  • Bearings&Accessories.
  • What is a supercharger used for?

    A supercharger’s definition is that it’s an air compressor used to pass or induct more air into the internal combustion engine. So, it will pass more air to create more air-fuel mixture to increase engine power. It will give more air to the IC engine to burn more fuel and increase power output.