How old is Gene Pitney?

How old is Gene Pitney?

66 years (1940–2006)Gene Pitney / Age at death

What nationality is Gene Pitney?

AmericanGene Pitney / Nationality

Gene Pitney, (born February 17, 1941, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.—died April 5, 2006, Cardiff, Wales), American singer and songwriter known for dramatic pop balladry.

Is Gene Pitney still living?

Deceased (1940–2006)Gene Pitney / Living or Deceased

What happened Gene Pitney?

Gene Pitney, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame whose hits included “Town Without Pity” and “Only Love Can Break a Heart,” died this morning (April 5) at a hotel in Wales after playing a show, his agent said. He was 65. Police said the death did not appear suspicious.

Are Mo Pitney and Gene Pitney related?

Step up Mo Pitney (no relation to Gene), an ambitious 22 year old from a very musical family. He chatted to me from his home in Nashville, the city he moved to four years ago with his parents and siblings, while getting ready to go out on the road and continue his current radio tour.

When did Gene Pitney get married?

January 28, 1967 (Lynne Gayton)Gene Pitney / Wedding date

What was Gene Pitneys real name?

Gene Francis Alan PitneyGene Pitney / Full name

Is Mo Pitney any relation to Gene Pitney?

Where is Gene Pitney buried?

Somers Center Cemetery, Somers, CTGene Pitney / Place of burial

Who sang with Gene Pitney?

Marc Almond
Marc Almond featuring Gene Pitney (1989) By then, Gene Pitney had heard of Almond’s version and offered to re-record it with him, as a duet. This version replaced the solo version which was put on the B-side of the single. The duet reached number one on the UK Singles Chart in January 1989.

Who is Mo Pitney parents?

A love of hunting wasn’t the only thing Pitney gleaned from his family – his parents, Danny and Tabitha, are both musicians.

What is Mo Pitney real name?

Morgan Daniel PitneyMo Pitney / Full name

Gene Francis Alan Pitney (17 February 1940 – 5 April 2006) was an American singer-songwriter, musician, and sound engineer.

Who was Gene Pitney influenced by?

Pitney’s early influences were Clyde McPhatter, country-blues singer Moon Mullican, and doo-wop groups like the Crows. He attended Rockville High School where he formed his first band, Gene & the Genials. Pitney was an avid doo wop singer and sang with a group called the Embers.

Did Gene Pitney ever reach number 1 in the UK?

“He’s a Rebel” would eventually reach number 1 in the UK and ironically deny Pitney the chance at a number 1 himself. Gene’s career as an artist in his own right began with the self-penned “I Wanna Love My Life Away” which he recorded for $30 at a small recording studio in New York.

What songs did Gene Pitney write for others?

Meanwhile, Pitney wrote hits for others, including “Today’s Teardrops” for Roy Orbison, “Rubber Ball” for Bobby Vee, “Hello Mary Lou” for Ricky Nelson, and “He’s a Rebel” for the Crystals (later recorded by Vikki Carr and Elkie Brooks). “Rebel” kept Pitney’s own No.