How shallow can a Majek extreme run?

How shallow can a Majek extreme run?

Slightly shallower than pathfinder, faster, better fishing deck, less storage. Will not get up in super skinny water but will run in 10-12″ soft bottom for 100 yd.

Where are Majek Boats made?

Corpus Christi, Texas
We’ve been building boats here in Corpus Christi, Texas for 25 years. We take pride in building our line of boats and feel we have designed a boat for every angler out there. Our boats are built to handle some of the harshest South Texas waters.

Where are Majek clubs made?

Riverside, California
With Majek Hybrid being co-engineered by members of the UCLA engineering department, each club is assembled by hand in Riverside, California, which some say gives each one a special feel. A complete set, the Majek Hybrids certainly have you covered.

Are Majek clubs any good?

These are flat out the best, most forgiving and easiest “irons” to hit. As long as you set up right, keep your head down, and swing through, the ball goes straight, every time! Most remarkable clubs I’ve ever used. Just as easy to hit the 3 or 4 iron as the 8 or 9.

Is Majek a good golf brand?

The Senior Men’s Majek Complete Hybrid Golf Set are assembled by hand in Riverside, California, which is a nice personal touch. They’re highly popular with users and some say they’re suitable for more than just senior players, which suggests that they’re a good quality set of clubs all around.

Are Majek hybrids good?

These hybrid irons allow you to use a sweeping swing (striking the ball upward) and still get great iron results. These clubs instantly improved my game by several strokes. If your swing mechanics are solid, then these clubs are far more accurate and forgiving than conventional irons.

Are Majek grips any good?

Top positive review I had all of my clubs re-shafted with graphite senior flex shafts, and ordered these grips. They are very comfortable, and I’m very pleased with them so far.

Is Majek a good golf club?