Is 2130 a good SSAT score?

Is 2130 a good SSAT score?

SSAT scores are broken down by section (verbal, quantitative/math, reading). The total scaled score for a Middle Level SSAT is the sum of the scores for the quantitative, verbal, and reading sections. It has a low value of 1320, a high value of 2130, and a midpoint of 1725.

What is a good SSAT upper level score?

A: The median total score for the Upper Level SSAT has been reported at approximately 1980 (out of 2400). A score of 2100 is in the top quartile of all test-takers, while scores of 2180 and 2240 are in the top 10% and top 5%, respectively.

What is SSAT upper level?

The Upper Level SSAT is a multiple-choice test for students currently in grades 8-11 that consists of verbal, quantitative (math), and reading comprehension sections, plus an unscored writing sample. Of the 167 items including the writing sample, only 150 questions are scored.

How do I write a good SSAT essay?

Here are some helpful SSAT Writing tips to help your child produce the best work possible:

  1. Begin the essay with a sentence either similar or identical to the one provided in the prompt.
  2. Write neatly in the space provided.
  3. Use proper grammar and vocabulary, conforming to the rules of Standard English.
  4. Stay on topic.

What is a good SSAT score?

Keep in mind that the SSAT is designed for the average student to score in the 50% percentile (the median). There are some great schools with an average SSAT score in this 50-60% range. The most competitive schools, however, will have average SSAT scores in the 90th+ percentile.

Is the SSAT harder than the SAT?

The SAT is considerably harder than the SSAT, and there is a section in each of the tests that does not appear in the other. (grammar/writing in SAT and vocab/analogies in SSAT). If you use SAT materials to prep for the SSAT you will be over prepping and will end up learning extra topics in math.

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Is the SSAT test hard?

While the test is designed to be of “middle difficulty,” this is a very competitive group of students against which you’re being scored—these are the select students applying to the finest independent schools.