Is Ford flood legit?

Is Ford flood legit?

Yes, Flood Ford is Legit, and great pricing.

Are Ford ESP plans worth?

Is the Ford extended service plan worth it? The Ford extended service plan is worth it for customers who want to finance the cost of repairs over a period of time. Ford’s ESP provides coverage for up to 8 years/150,000 miles.

What is Ford ESP coverage?

Ford Protect Extended Service Plan provides Peace of Mind protection and offers many plan and deductible options to protect you from unexpected vehicle repair costs after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired. It covers the parts and labor to repair thousands of key parts for up to 8 years or 150,000 miles.

Is Ford ESP refundable?

A: A: Yes, you can cancel your Ford|Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan, if you are the original purchaser, and the cancellation is on or before the 30th day from the purchase signature date and you have no claims against the contract, you can get a full refund of the purchase price, LESS a Ford $75 processing fee.

How much does Ford PremiumCARE cost?

How Much Does a Ford Protect Extended Service Plan Cost?

Model PremiumCARE PowertrainCARE
F-150 $3200 $1995
Edge or Explorer $3200 $1995
Fusion $3000 $2200
Focus $2700 $1800

Are batteries covered under Ford extended warranty?

Your car’s battery is an example of what the extended warranty industry calls a “wear and tear” part. Wear and tear parts are items that are expected to wear out over time and are expected to be replaced as a part of regular maintenance. Manufacturer powertrain warranties don’t cover your battery.

Can I cancel my Ford ESP warranty?

Can I cancel my Ford Protect Contract? Yes. For most states if you cancel within 30 days and no services have been rendered you can receive a full refund minus a $75 cancellation fee. After 30 days the refund will be pro-rated by time and mileage.

Is Ford ESP transferable?

Ford Protect Extended Service Plan Yes, they are transferable. Transfer fees vary by state. If you are paying for the contract via the Installment Payment Plan (IPP), the IPP contract must be paid in full in order to transfer the plan coverage.

Is rust covered under Ford warranty?

If aluminum body panels have corrosion or rust damage and the damage is not the result of abnormal usage, vehicle accident, customer actions or extreme environmental conditions, the corrosion or rust damage is covered for 5 years, unlimited miles.

Is the Ford flood a legit ESP system?

End of dialog window. The Flood is legit ESP from Ford as is the one I bought from Zeigler. Check with Zeigler if you need to finance. Ford offers 8 year and 150,000 miles.

What is Ford protect and Ford ESP?

Protect your Ford or Lincoln with a Ford Protect plan. Extend your Ford warranty today and save. Ford ESP is now Ford Protect!! Ford Protect is the closest thing to your original Ford Warranty.

How much is flood Ford extended premium care 6/60?

I just purchased the Flood Ford Extended Premium care for 6/60 with a 100 deductable for 710.00. My dealership wanted 1500.00 for the same plan. Got the email today that the plan is active and entered into the Ford database.

Does flood Auto Group sell Ford protect contracts?

These plans are the same ones you would purchase at your local Ford and Lincoln dealerships, but offered for much less. Ford Protect contracts are backed by Ford Motor Company. These Ford Protect contracts are sold by Flood Auto Group in Rhode Island. They are honored at all Ford and Lincoln dealerships nationwide.