Is Heike a German name?

Is Heike a German name?

Heike is a given name of Germanic origin, most commonly but not exclusively female. The male form is Heiko. Notable persons with this name include: Heike Blaßneck (born 1971), German hurdler.

How do you pronounce the last name Lejeune?

Lejeune died in 1942. His ancestors have always pronounced their name as “Luh-jern.”

What does the name Heike mean?

home ruler
he(i)-ke. Origin:German. Popularity:10670. Meaning:home ruler.

What is the meaning of name Heike?

Heike means “home ruler” (from Germanic “hagan” = enclosure or “heim” = home + “rihhi” = powerful/rich/mighty/ruler).

When was the Tale of the Heike written?

Heike monogatari, English The Tale of the Heike, medieval Japanese epic, which is to the Japanese what the Iliad is to the Western world—a prolific source of later dramas, ballads, and tales. It stems from unwritten traditional tales and variant texts composed between 1190 and 1221, which were gathered together (c.

How to pronounce the name “heike”?

German Pronunciation. Listen to the German pronunciation of Heike.

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    What does Heike mean?

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    How to pronounce Heike in German?

    Heike makatsch in german pronunciations with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more. Correct way to pronounce cabeça in Portuguese is? cahbeh-sah