Is Simon a good brand?

Is Simon a good brand?

For consumers interested in purchasing designer jewelry, Simon G. is a brand that offers exceptional value for money. For a huge increase in craftsmanship quality compared to mass produced jewelry, you will be pleased to know that Simon G’s prices are actually very reasonable and affordable.

Where is Simon G from?

Simon Ghanimian began his journey to world-famous jeweler as a young Armenian boy who learned at an early age that creativity was the key to success. His parents taught him that if you could build something with your hands – create something out of nothing – you would never go hungry.

Who is Simon G?

Simon G, who established his company in 1981, is considered one of the most creative jewelers today, crafting beautifully detailed pieces from the most precious of materials. Jewelry design is his hobby and his life, according to the famous designer.

How much was Kim’s diamond ring?

It is reported that Kim Kardashian diamond ring cost around $8 million. However, Kanye originally gifted her a 15-carat cushion cut engagement ring in 2013, which was around $1.3 million at that time.

Who owns Simon jewelry?

Zaven Ghanimian
Simon G. Jewelry has been a jewelry store staple for 35 years. The family-owned brand, led by chief executive officer Zaven Ghanimian, is currently in more than 800 retail doors, including well-known independent chains Robbins Brothers, Diamonds Direct, and Smyth Jewelers.

Who owns Simon G?

The Glendale, California-based fine jewelry label founded by Simon Ghanimian and today led by his son, CEO Zaven Ghanimian, noted that recently, every colored gemstone jewel it shares on social media sells within 48 hours. So the father-son duo decided it was only fitting they give the people what they want.

How many carat is Shilpa Shetty ring?

Shilpa Shetty (₹3 crores): The ever-green beauty of the industry wears a ring as pretty as her. Her husband, Raj Kundra, a business tycoon surprised her with a 20-carat ring worth Rs 3 crores.