Is the eight hundred movie based on a true story?

Is the eight hundred movie based on a true story?

The film is based on real life events: the defense of Sihang Warehouse in 1937 Shanghai by nationalist KMT troops during the Battle of Shanghai and the Second Sino-Japanese War.

How true is the 800?

“The Eight Hundred” is based on a true story and zooms in on the struggle of eight hundred NRA soldiers—although the real number is closer to four hundred—trapped in a warehouse who fought against Japanese troops for over four days.

Is Chen Kun married?

Although he is not married, Chen has one son born in 2002 named Youyou. Chen does not intend to reveal the identity of Youyou’s mother.

How old is Ireine song?

28 years (May 7, 1993)Ireine Song / Age

How old is Deng Chao Yuan?

24 years (May 6, 1997)Deng Chaoyuan / Age

What is the story of 800 movie?

The Eight Hundred depicts the legendary defence of the Sihang warehouse in Shanghai, where, in 1937, an isolated battalion of Chinese soldiers held out against the invading Japanese for four days and, as the film would have it, “restored the pride of a nation”.

Is better days based on a real story?

Classroom bullying is a universal blight in school systems everywhere, but in Better Days’ case, the film found its theme in a real-life crisis that came to the fore in China in the mid-2010s, when a string of deaths involving bullied kids throwing themselves off the upper floors of school buildings became a subject of …

Can Ireine song speak English?

I Learned that Song Yi Ren was Born in China, and her Family Emigrated to Canada when She was 8 years old. Now, many Canadians Liked this Cute Song Yi Ren – She can Speak English, French and Chinese Mandarin. She Finished her Studies in Canada and Came Back to China.

How tall is Simon Gong?

6′ 1″Gong Jun / Height

How old is Du Chun?

Du Chun ( Chinese: 杜淳; pinyin: Dù Chún, born 22 May 1981) is a Chinese actor. Du Chun was born in Hebei, China. His parents are also in the performing business. His father, Du Zhiguo is also an actor, and his mother, Yang Li, is a dancer and dancing instructor.

Where did Du Chun go to dance school?

At the age of 11, Du Chun got admitted to The Dance School of Central University of Nationalities (CUN) (i.e. Minzu University of China ), one of the key disciplinary bases of national minority arts and the cradle of ethnic dancers, to fulfill his mother’s dream to be trained professionally in one of the top dancing schools in China.

How did du Wai become famous?

The drama was one of the most popular of the year and was selected as the Best Costume Drama of 2007. The same year, Du was selected to star in the patriotic drama Logistics Depot 51, a remake of a classic Chinese spy movie during World War II. Following the drama, Du rose in popularity and was hailed as one of the new generation patriotic idols.