Is there any free URL shortener?

Is there any free URL shortener?

1. Bitly. Bitly is a powerful (and popular) tool for shortening URLs. The free service lets you shorten links using the domain name, while the premium service lets you use your own custom domain name.

How do I create a custom URL for free? Like TinyURL, is a quick and easy free URL shortener. On, you can post a long URL into the box on the front page, add an optional custom link ending, and click “shorten” to make the link shorter.

Are Bitly links free?

Integrating your favorite tools and platforms with Bitly’s API gives you the control to create and shorten links directly from those platforms…for free.

Is Bitly still free?

How can I use bitly free?

Just go to and enter the full URL in the box at the top right of the screen. Click “Shorten” and you’ll be taken to a page with your new shorter URL. That’s it! Now just click the Copy button and then go to wherever you want to use it and paste it in.

What is free URL redirection and free URL masking?

Free URL Redirection also known as free URL forwarding or domain forwarding service to redirect your free domain name to your real website address Free URL Cloaking also known as Free URL Masking – is used to mask a real website address with the Free Domain Name.

Is there a free URL shortener with no ads?

We provide absolutely free and unlimited url shortener service with no ads, no redirect latency and on top of that you get free access to our API for developers. You can use it for personal or commercial purpose, no sweat. We do not put any ads or popup fliers to scare your audience.

How to test the effectiveness of the alternate redirect URLs?

Set alternate redirect URLs. Thanks to this, the redirection of links will work according to your settings. Depending on the subscription plan you have, you may have 50/50 redirects or enter percentage settings for the A / B / C test. Thanks to this, you can test up to three different target links and check their effectiveness and conversion.

How do I make a short URL that never expires?

Just type/paste a URL in the box above to shorten it and the short URL will forward to the long one, and it never expires — lasts forever. In addition to making quick ShortURLs for pasting in blogs and messages, ShortURL offers free sub domains.