Is WKO free?

Is WKO free?

Download WKO Try WKO free for 14 days before you buy! There are no limitations to the trial; you’ll get the full software. Simply click here, choose your operating system, click the Download button, and launch the installer.

What is training peaks WKO4?

Developed by TrainingPeaks, WKO4 analytical software is helping endurance coaches find new and innovative ways to use training and racing data. Available now for PC and Mac, WKO4 gives coaches the ability to view and compare data in ways that were previously not possible.

How to Download WKO5?

Download and install WKO5 from TrainingPeaks:

  1. Open WKO5 to initiate the setup wizard.
  2. Once the setup wizard is complete and WKO5 is open, allow the first download to complete.

What is the WKO5?

WKO5 allows you to compare subjective feedback metrics from TrainingPeaks with objective data points to discover trends in your training. Discover trends in your training by comparing subjective and objective data points.

What does Wko stand for?


Acronym Definition
WKO Wirtschaftskammer Österreich (Austrian economic chamber)
WKO World Karate Organization
WKO West Kendall Optimist (Miami, FL)
WKO Well-Known Object (network proxy)

What does FRC mean in wko5?

Enter Functional Reserve Capacity. Using the Power-Duration Model in WKO, we now have the ability to quantify your anaerobic capacity as Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC).

What is a spotless cheetah?

A spotless or golden cheetah in Kenya. Photo by: Guy Combes. The “golden” cheetah’s telltale spots are bizarrely diluted. “Scientists believe it is a ‘morph’ due to a recessive gene and not an albino or leucistic variation which makes this cheetah, like the king cheetah of South Africa and Zimbabwe, extremely unusual.

What is TSS in Golden Cheetah?

TISS: Training Impact Scoring System. It’s a metric to quantify the training strain or response, as opposed to the training load/stress (like TSS and TRIMP). It’s intended to estimate the training load and physiological stress created by that session.

What is a good FRC cycle?

Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC) This metric gives insight in an athlete’s anaerobic work capacity. A cyclist with an FTP of 300 and an FRC of 23kj will perform MUCH better than the athlete with an FTP of 320 and an FRC of 11kj.

What is Pmax in cycling?

Pmax: the maximal power you can generate for a very short period of time (one complete revolution of the pedal stroke). Units are W or W/kg. Units are kJ or J/kg.

Where can I download wko4?

Review important parametres and optimize your training. You can download WKO4 4.0.381 from our software library for free. The program’s installer is commonly called WKO4.exe. You can run this PC software on Windows 7/8/10 32-bit. The program lies within Home & Hobby Tools, more precisely Healthcare & Fitness.

How do I reinstall wko5?

Please note that if the reason you are reinstalling WKO5 is that your data has become corrupt, do NOT return to your saved data folder, as the problems will come back. When installing WKO, choose the “New Install” option in the setup wizard and enter “dummy” athlete information when prompted. When WKO launches, click Tools>Preferences.

How do I activate wko5 on a Mac?

Open WKO5. Click on the Help menu in the Mac Bar and click Locations>Data Store. This will open the folder containing your data folder; leave it open and return to WKO. Click on the WKO menu in the Mac Bar and click Activate.

What is the purpose of the wko4 tool?

WKO4 is more than a reporting tool, it’s an analytical engine. Using your unique physiology, WKO4 will help you identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Plus, you have the flexibility to review the data that is most important to you.