Was Agent Orange sprayed at Fort Ord California?

Was Agent Orange sprayed at Fort Ord California?

Most recently, at a September 2011 Travel Board hearing before the undersigned Veterans Law Judge, the Veteran testified that he was exposed to herbicides/Agent Orange that was sprayed while he was stationed at Fort Ord, California, and while he was participating in active duty drills at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam …

Where was Agent Orange sprayed?

3The U.S. Military and the Herbicide Program in Vietnam. From 1962 to 1971, the U.S. Air Force sprayed nearly 19 million gallons of herbicides in Vietnam, of which at least 11 million gallons was Agent Orange, in a military project called Operation Ranch Hand.

Was Agent Orange stored at Fort Knox?

Agent Orange and related defoliants were used heavily in Vietnam, and stored at American bases such as Fort Knox in Kentucky. Those exposed have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and other physical disorders.

Where was Agent Orange stored in Hawaii?

Fort Detrick Hawaii
Agent Orange in Hawaii at Fort Detrick Hawaii was one of the main sites for the storage and testing of Agent Orange throughout the 1960s.

What happened to Fort Ord California?

In 1994, Fort Ord was finally closed. Most of the land was returned to the State of California for further public use and became the home of CSUMB. The remainder was given to University of California, Santa Cruz to be developed into the “UC MBEST” (Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology) Center.

Was Agent Orange used at Fort Benning Georgia?

Noted are the Veteran’s allegations of being exposed to Agent Orange while stationed at Fort Polk, Fort Bragg, and Fort Benning, to include being sprayed with herbicides while on field duty near “Tiger Ridge” at Fort Polk, and participating in the loading of Agent Orange on trucks during service at Fort Bragg.

What President closed Fort Ord?

In 1988 President Bush signed the Base Realignment and Closure act. Fort Ord made the list and in 1994, it became the largest military base to be shut down.

How much Agent Orange was spilled on Johnston Island?

250,000 pounds of Agent Orange [was] accidentally spilled on Johnston Island in 1972 when about 1.1 million gallons of unused Agent Orange was brought there from Vietnam. “An estimated 49,000 gallons of Agent Orange is estimated to have leaked annually from the drums at the Johnston Island storage site.”

Why did VA deny claims for Agent Orange exposure?

“The VA has consistently denied Agent Orange claims from veterans who served on Johnston Island from 1971 to 1977, unless they were directly involved in the handling of the herbicide.” The government has denied claims on the bases there is no direct connection to exposure. Disposal of the chemical was by inceneration.

What happened to all those barrels of Agent Orange?

Agent Orange: Johnston Island Atoll, AFB. 1972. Ever wonder what happened to all those barrels of Agent Orange? After the Vietnam War, the United States government stored thousands of drums of Agent Orange on Johnston Island Atoll, AFB, in the Pacific Ocean, 715 miles S/W of Hawaii.

Did the military spray Agent Orange on Guam?

A 2018 GAO report examining the use of herbicides on Guam, however, found that use of Agent Orange on the island could neither be proved nor disproved. Veterans who served on Guam have provided affidavits to the VA that they sprayed Agent Orange on the island and disposed of barrels in a landfill.