What are the 5 principles of Love and Logic?

What are the 5 principles of Love and Logic?

Most people benefit from reviewing these Love and Logic materials several times.

  • Neutralizing arguing with the Brain Dead technique.
  • Locking-in sadness or empathy before delivering consequences.
  • Setting limits with enforceable statements.
  • Sharing control through lots of small choices.

Is parenting with Love and Logic evidence based?

Dr. Charles Fay conducted studies on the Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® curriculum and the 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom® curriculum. Although there has been limited empirical research conducted on these programs, the studies do show evidence that support using Love and Logic techniques.

Is Love and Logic gentle parenting?

It is gentle, loving and effective. It’s all about how you as an adult react to your child’s behavior.

Is there a Love and Logic podcast?

The Love and Logic Podcast Episode 1 To find out more, check out www.loveandlogic.com or call 800.338. 4065 M-F to get a live person.

What are the two basic rules in Love and Logic parenting?

There are 2 basic rules in Love & Logic: Adults set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lecture, threats or repeated warnings. Set limits using enforceable statements, regard mistakes as learning opportunities, and resist the temptation to nag.

What are enforceable statements?

Enforceable statements describe what you are willing to allow or provide and under what circumstances. They are descriptive which is helpful to young brains. They are also easy to enforce because you have the ability to change the situation through your intervention.

How does a child love a parent?

Parental love is characterized by warmth, affection, care, comfort, concern, nurture, support, acceptance or simply love that a child can feel from their parents​1​. The parents’ love can be felt when they kiss, hug, praise, compliment, or say nice things to or about their children.

What is teaching with Love and logic?

Love and Logic Parenting Online

  • Teaching with Love and Logic
  • Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood – Second Edition
  • From Bad Grades to a Great Life! – Book
  • Keeping Cool When Parenting Heats Up
  • How to create a love and logic classroom?

    Love and Logic® Solution: HOW TO CREATE A LOVE AND LOGIC CLASSROOM 1. The following tapes and books are excellent for the purpose of learning the Love and Logic philosophy and techniques: a. Teaching With Love and Logic b. Quick and Easy Classroom Interventions c. Schoolwide Discipline Plan Without the Loopholes d.

    What is love and logic model?

    Love and Logic Model By Sofia Naznin,Nicole&Pembe

  • Jim Fay and Foster Cline (1990) • Cline and Fay (1990) introduced the idea that there are three types of parents.
  • 3 Types of Parents…1.
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