What Avicii album is Levels on?

What Avicii album is Levels on?


Who sang in Levels?


Who wrote Levels?

Etta JamesArash PournouriLeroy KirklandPearl Woods

What was Avicii’s biggest hit?

Wake Me Up
Swedish DJ and producer Avicii – real name Tim Bergling was best known for his million-selling Number 1 single Wake Me Up. He passed away on April 20, 2018 aged 28.

How much is Avicii net worth?

Avicii ($7 million)

Did Avicii go platinum?

Avicii released his first studio album, “True,” in September 2013 with international hit “Wake Me Up” as the lead single. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, dominated radio stations during 2013, and went platinum six times.

Is levels by Avicii a good song?

AllMusic critic, David Jefferies, described “Levels” as a “simple and effective EDM monster that launched Swedish producer Avicii to Swedish House Mafia, Afrojack, or Tiesto, erm, levels.” Anje Riberra, on the Spanish news site, El Correo, called the song a “very danceable tune that makes you enjoy it continuously.”

Did Avicii use Mike Posner to sing in levels?

In an interview from Bryce, a host from the radio station, WNYL-FM, DJ Mike Posner claimed that he was sent “Levels” by Avicii while it was still in production to provide vocals to it. Posner produced six “toplines” but did not use them, saying that, “they were good, but not the thing”.

Why did Avicii use a sample from Etta James?

In an interview with Artist Direct ‘ s editor-in-chief, Rick Florino, Avicii expressed a desire to use a vocal sample from Etta James ‘ ” Something’s Got a Hold on Me “. He said that “After I came up with the ‘Levels’ hook, I tried using the vocal over it, and it worked really well”.

How long did Avicii’s levels stay on the Billboard charts?

“Levels” was the first song Avicii released that entered Billboard ‘s weekly Hot 100 charts. The song stayed on the Hot 100 for 20 weeks, reaching its peak as number 60 on the week of 17 February 2012. On other charts, It stayed on the Mainstream Top 40 for 5 weeks, reaching its peak position of number 33 on 9 March 2012.

What avicii album is Levels on?

What avicii album is Levels on?


Where was Avicii’s first level?

The first time Avicii ever played out “Levels” was at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in 2011. The track hadn’t yet been released at the time, and the entire crowd held up their hands (and phones) to record the historic moment.

What is the meaning of Levels Avicii?

Avicii’s “Levels” is a classic, even some would say the quintessential EDM track. But as for “Levels”, all things considered we can put forth that the “feeling” Avicii is referring to would be the urge to dance carefreely, as in the music video. So conclusively, this is about as straight of a dance song as you can get.

Why are Avicii Levels so good?

With its simple structure, booming hooks and soaring vocal sample, the song became a mainstream U.S. hit at a time that such EDM jams were still not generally considered potential crossover fare, proving the massive audience that already existed for dance music stateside, which would only get exponentially bigger in …

Did Etta James Hear Levels?

Avicii, it turns out, had come to sample James on “Levels” because of the generation-spanning quality he heard in her voice.

What is the avicii symbol?

The symbol◢◤ is actually the Avicii logo. It symnolises AV (as in the name Avicii) and is used everywhere like in his live sets. In the song particularly the girls are shown to be the followers of avicii.

Is Levels the best EDM song ever?

Since its release, “Levels” has generated very positive reviews from music critics for its catchy and recognizable synth riff, and has become known as one of the greatest songs of all time, both in EDM and in general. In 2012, the song was nominated for “Best Electro/Dance” and won “Best Song” in the Grammis Awards.

Who does vocals on Avicii Levels?


Did Avicii sing?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple: Avicii doesn’t sing. Unlike fellow nominees like Macklemore and Miley Cyrus, 24-year-old Swede Avicii isn’t a singer — he got his start as a DJ and remixer, and has moved on to become a full-fledged record producer.

Did Avicii copy Flo Rida?

The first single from American rapper Flo Rida’s fourth album Wild Ones contains a second generation sample: The Swedish dance artist Avicii’s tune “Levels” samples the 1961 Etta James song “Something’s Got a Hold On Me.” Flo’s producer Dr.

Who wrote Levels Avicii?

Etta JamesArash PournouriLeroy KirklandPearl Woods

What does Avicii’s tattoo mean?

Anyone in the Wake Me Up video with the ‘double triangle’ tattoo is simply ‘a follower (or fan) of Avicii,’ hence why everyone at his show has the tattoo. The two triangles associated with Avicii encode the first two letters of his name (i.e., A and V).

What is true by Avicii?

TRUE is Avicii’s debut LP. It features a variety of more obscure artists singing to electronic tracks dipping into various genres like folk ( Wake Me Up, Hey Brother ), soul ( Addicted To You ), disco ( Lay Me Down ), and more.

Is Avicii’s “levels” a hit?

Highlight the text then click the link Use Bold and Italics only to distinguish between different singers in the same verse. “Levels” is Avicii’s largest hit as of yet. Although it didn’t chart majorly in the United States, it hit #1 in his native Sweden, and made Top 10 in other countries.

What is Avicii’s largest hit?

“Levels” is Avicii’s largest hit as of yet. Although it didn’t chart majorly in the United States, it hit #1 in his native Sweden, and made Top 10 in other countries. It… Read More