What bank is Scbt?

What bank is Scbt?

South State Bank
Columbia’s SCBT officially became South State Bank on Friday, as it goes through the final stages of a $20 million rebranding effort.

How old is SouthState?

As of December 31, 2018, the company had 168 branches in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. First National Bank began in Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1933….South State Bank.

Type Public company
Number of employees 2,602 (2018)
Website www.southstatebank.com
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Who did South State Bank merger with?

Atlantic Capital Bank
SouthState Bank announced Friday morning that it had reached an agreement to effectively acquire Atlanta-based Atlantic Capital Bank in an all-stock transaction worth approximately $542 million.

How much can you mobile deposit South State Bank?

Mobile Deposits are limited to a total of $15,000 per day. There is no limit on the number of checks you may deposit, as long as you have not exceeded your daily total deposit amount.

What states have South State Bank?

More than 275 convenient branches and ATMs in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to serve you.

Where is South State Bank based?

Columbia, South Carolina
South State Corporation is a financial services company headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina with approximately $15.9 billion in assets. South State Bank, the company’s primary subsidiary, provides consumer, commercial, mortgage, and wealth management solutions throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia.

Which bank has the highest mobile deposit limit?

Mobile Deposit Limits – Online Banks

Online bank Mobile deposit limit(s)
Capital One 360 $5,000 or 20 checks per day or $10,000 per month
Ally Bank $50,000 per day or $250,000 in a 30-day period
Bank of Internet $10,000 per day or $50,000 per 30-day period
TIAA Direct $30,000 per day or up to 6 checks per day