What caused the 2013 ice storm?

What caused the 2013 ice storm?

The storm produced freezing rain and snow to the affected areas which caused massive damage to electric power transmission and trees….December 2013 North American storm complex.

Satellite image from NASA depicting the system over the Central United States on 21 December.
Fatalities 27
Damage $54 million – $200 million (2013 USD)
Power outages 1,500,000

When was Toronto’s big ice storm?

The last time Toronto saw a storm with more than 25 centimetres was in 2019. The last time there was more than 30 centimetres was in 2008. Toronto’s largest single-day snowfall, recorded at Pearson Airport, was 45.5 centimetres in February 1965.

What causes an ice storm?

Ice storms are caused by freezing rain. The raindrops move into a thin layer of below-freezing air right near the surface of the earth, allowing them to freeze on contact to the ground, trees, cars and other objects. Ice accumulates when super-cold rain freezes on contact with surfaces that are below freezing point.

When was Ontario ice storm?

The Dec. 19, 2013 ice storm was a “remember where you were” event. The storm was a result of a low-pressure system that formed over Texas and made its way to Ontario.

How long did the ice storm of 1998 last?

Millions in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario were pelted with up to 100 millimetres of freezing rain and ice pellets in an ice storm that lasted for five days.

When was the Ottawa ice storm?

January 1998 North American ice storm.

What year did Toronto call in the army for snow?

It’s been more than two decades since a series of winter storms buried Toronto under a metre of snow, forcing then-mayor Mel Lastman to call on the military to help the city dig out. The first storm arrived on Jan. 2, 1999 and dropped almost 38 centimetres of snow, causing commuter chaos in the city’s downtown core.

Can it rain ice?

Freezing rain occurs when the layer of freezing air is so thin that the raindrops do not have enough time to freeze before reaching the ground. Instead, the water freezes on contact with the surface, creating a coating of ice on whatever the raindrops contact.

How many people died in the ice storm?

Texas officials put the final death toll from last year’s winter storm at 246 The Texas Department of State Health Services adjusted the number of people who died from last February’s storm to 246 people — up from July’s tally of 210.