What countries have independence day on September 16?

What countries have independence day on September 16?

The month-long observance begins on the same date five Latin American countries – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua – celebrate their independence. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their days of independence on September 16 and September 18, respectively.

Which Latin American country celebrates their independence day on September 16th?

Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala all celebrate their independence from Spain on Sept. 15. Mexico’s independence is celebrated on Sept. 16.

Which country celebrates their independence day on the 15th and 16th of September?

The history behind Mexican Independence Day. Mexican Independence Day is officially recognized on Sept. 16, but the celebrations actually start the night before. SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif.

What is September 16th Mexico?

Mexican Independence Day
His El Grito de Dolores, or Cry of Dolores, which was spoken—not written—is commemorated on September 16 as Mexican Independence Day.

Which country has Independence Day on 16 August?


Country Name of holiday Date of holiday
Azerbaijan Republic Day October 18
Bahamas, The Independence Day July 10
Bahrain Independence Day December 16
Bangladesh Independence Day March 26

Who celebrates Dia de la Raza?

Mexican celebration 12) is celebrated as the Día de la Raza (“Race Day”) in recognition of the mixed indigenous and European heritage of Mexico—the mestizo character of its population—and because many Mexicans object to paying homage to the controversial explorer and conqueror Christopher Columbus.

What happened on the 16th of September?

Featured Event. On this date in 1620, English colonists aboard the Mayflower set sail for America, where they founded Plymouth, Massachusetts, after 41 men, including William Bradford and Myles Standish, signed the Mayflower Compact.

Why is September 16th important?

Sept. 16 marks the day when Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo called for independence from Spain in the “Grito de Dolores” in 1810. While it may seem similar, Mexico’s fight for independence was different than the United States’ Revolutionary War. Mexican Independence Day coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month.

Is September 16th Mexico’s Independence Day?

September 16th is Mexico’s Independence Day! Many people in the world mistakenly think that May 5th or Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s Independence Day, but the country’s national holiday actually falls on September 16. Cinco de Mayo commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army in 1862.

Which countries celebrate their independence day on October 1?

Although Cyprus attained independence from the UK on August 16, 1960, Independence Day is celebrated on October 1. Africa’s most populated country, Nigeria, also celebrates its Independence Day on October 1. Other countries that commemorate their independence in October include Uganda (9), Fiji (10), Zambia (24), and the Czech Republic (28).

Which countries share their independence day in May?

Both Togo and Sierra Leon share Independence Day (April 27) although they attained independence in 1960 and 1961 respectively. 12 countries across the globe observe their independence days in May, among them Latvia (May 4), Romania (9), Paraguay (15), and Georgia and Guyana (May 26).

Which countries celebrate their independence day on January 22?

Myanmar and Ukraine celebrate their independence days on January 4 and 22 respectively. 12 countries including Sri Lanka, Chile, Serbia, Lithuania, Gambia, and the Dominican Republic attained their independence in February. Senegal was the first country to attain independence in April (April 4), followed by Georgia on April 9.