What country speaks Soninke?

What country speaks Soninke?

The Soninke language (Soninke: سوِنن جنكخن; Sooninkanxanne), also known as Serakhulle or Azer is a Mande language spoken by the Soninke people of Africa….Soninke language.

Native to Mali, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Ghana
Ethnicity Soninke people
Native speakers 2.1 million (2006–2011)

What is the Soninke religion?

The rulers and Soninke people of the Ghana Empire converted to Islam in the 11th century, and they have been Muslim ever since. Some Islamic sources suggest that the conversion was triggered after the 1076 Almoravid conquest of the Ghana Empire.

What is the meaning of Soninke?

The word Soninke means both the ethnicity and the language of those who founded the Ghana Empire that they themselves call Wagadu in what is now Southeastern Mauritania and Western Mali.

What does Ghana mean in Soninke?

Ghana originally meant war chief, one of the titles of the ruler of Wagadu (the Soninke term for the state). Its rise to prominence was probably due to the need to organize under one king the gold trade with its northern Saharan neighbors.

Where is Mande spoken?

Mande languages, a branch of the Niger-Congo language family comprising 40 languages spoken by some 20 million people in a more or less contiguous area of southeastern Senegal, The Gambia, southern Mauritania, southwestern Mali, eastern Guinea, northern and eastern Sierra Leone, northern Liberia, and western Côte d’ …

What is the relative language of Imraguen?

The language is relatively homogeneous, with only slight phonological, lexical, and grammatical variations. Linguistically, its nearest relatives are the Bozo languages, centered around the Niger Inland Delta. It is thought that the Imraguen language is a dialect of Soninke but this is not certain.

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