What does La Tortue?

What does La Tortue?

Translation of “la tortue” in English. Noun Adjective. turtle the tortoise la Tortue. Spiny.

Is Tortue in French masculine or feminine?

whatever the sex of the turtle, the word “tortue” in french is feminine.

What is poisson du jour?

Poisson du jour: fish (sea bream), clams and prawns, topped with spinach – Picture of Angelo Terra d’Italia, Nice.

What is Mer French?

noun. sea [noun] (often with the) the mass of salt water covering most of the Earth’s surface. I enjoy swimming in the sea. over land and sea.

Is bird masculine or feminine in French?

-eau, for example le bateau (the boat), le manteau (the coat), le chapeau (the hat), l’oiseau (the bird). The one exception is l’eau (water), which is feminine. -in, for example le vin (the wine), le magasin (the shop), le dessin (the drawing), le chemin (the road, way), le jardin (the garden).

What is a torcher?

Definition of torcher (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : one that gives light with or as if with a torch. 2 : a fish jacker. 3 : torch singer.

Does Mer mean sea?

sea; marine; applied to beings that are fully or partly sea-creatures.

What is Lion in French?

Wiktionary: lion → lion, lionne.

What is rat called in French?

rat → moucharder, cafter, dénoncer.